Peace Corps Master's International

Peace Corps Master’s International Program—Biological Sciences, MS

The Master’s International Program is a partnership between Michigan Tech and the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps Master’s International (PCMI) Program in Biological Sciences allows students to use their knowledge in biology, health science, or medical laboratory sciences to serve overseas as laboratory technicians, secondary biology and science teachers, and environmental educators.

Issues of environmental quality, including global climate change, and of human health know no geographic boundaries. This program aims to provide students with knowledge and appreciation of different cultures, enabling them to serve as effective leaders as society confronts knotty, evolving biological issues.

Our students provide the technological knowledge and skills necessary to work in partnership with host country teachers and officials. In return, students gain a greater appreciation for how diverse cultures view issues, and how they attempt to confront them at the local level. Upon completion of the program, students will be poised to be leaders in international efforts aimed at solving these problems.

Obtain your MS in Biological Sciences from Michigan Tech, while also meeting the rising global demand for educators and those with laboratory skills.

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