Biological Sciences

Teaching Labs

The Department of Biological Sciences puts a priority on hands-on learning provided by a number of state-of-art teaching labs and research-grade equipment.

Researcher working in a lab

General Biology Laboratories

The suite of general biology laboratories supports several of our general biology and organismal biology courses including general biology, zoology, and botany. These labs are designed to accommodate many different styles of instruction including individual student/instructor interactions, a broad range of hands on biological activities, and multi-week, project-oriented laboratories.

Locations: MEEM 1106, 1107, and 1108

Researcher putting on a blood pressure cuff on a participant

Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

This lab compliments the lecture portion of Anatomy and Physiology. The course and laboratory provide a foundation for biological sciences, pre-health, biomedical engineering, and kinesiology and integrative physiology undergraduates. This lab is designed to support the study of human and animal anatomy and physiology and is well equipped with skeletal and muscle models, tools for dissection, and histological slides. The lab also features sophisticated equipment for physiological measurements, such as reflex responses, skeletal muscle activation, and cardiorespiratory and renal function.

Location: MEEM 1101

Researchers taking stream data

Aquatic Biology Laboratory

Courses taught in this lab include limnology, fish ecology, research methods in aquatic ecology, larval fish ecology, and principles of ecology. They provide instruction and scientific exploration of interrelated physical, chemical, and biological processes within terrestrial and aquatic systems. Fieldwork on local lakes, rivers, and streams includes study of ecology, physical conditions, water chemistry, plankton, benthic organisms, and vertebrates. Lab activities include chemical experimentation, sample processing, and the identification and taxonomy of algae, aquatic macrophytes, invertebrates, and fish.

Location: Dow 707


Researcher pouring a liquid into a glass container

Biochemistry and Genetic Techniques Laboratory

The Biochemistry and Genetic Techniques Lab is for the instruction of the following courses: Basic Biochemical Techniques, Advanced Biochemical Methodology, Molecular Biology Techniques, and Genetics Techniques.

Location: Dow 711

A vile of liquid being placed into a machine

Medical Laboratory Science Laboratory

This laboratory is the cornerstone of our Medical Laboratory Science (also known as Clinical Laboratory Science or Medical Technology) major. It is designed to give hands-on access and direct student-to-instructor interactions in clinical microscopy, techniques, and instrumentation.

Location: MEEM 1103

Researcher looking into a microscope

Microbiology Teaching Laboratory

The Microbiology Teaching Lab is used to support our microbiology courses. Microbiology is the study of living organisms that are typically too small to be seen without magnification; although small in size, these organisms are intensively studied for their roles in: disease production, production of antimicrobial chemicals, causing and cleaning up environmental problems, and producing and spoiling food.

Location: Dow 710

Teaching Greenhouse Dome
Teaching Greenhouse Dome
Students working inside the Teaching Greenhouse Dome
Students working inside the Teaching Greenhouse Dome
Students working inside the Teaching Greenhouse Dome

Teaching Greenhouse Dome

The teaching greenhouse provides plant material for general biology and botany laboratory courses. It houses a collection of plants that represent the major phyla of the plant kingdom, or that exhibit special adaptations for class demonstrations. Students in botany courses also use the facility for projects and experiments.

Location: Outdoors, between the MEEM and Chem Sci buildings