Starlett (Green) Henderson

Starlett Henderson
  • BS Scientific and Technical Communication 1997
Star Henderson, a '97 STC and Army ROTC alum, is involved with projects to help the spouses of military men deal with the time their husbands are overseas. Army Wife Talk Radio, a weekly Internet broadcast, is now three years old, and Henderson, who works with the show's creator, Tara Crooks, "creates and coordinates future shows as well as co-writes for various publications," she says. "I host a weekly five-minute interview segment in the show called the 'Resource of the Week' from Field Problems, a Q-and-A website column by Tara and me."

Henderson and Crooks have also created a seminar series-Field Exercises-"to empower and rejuvenate military spouses," she says. "They deserve a night of appreciation and pampering, and they need information and an opportunity to meet other spouses in order to succeed in military life." read more at

Excerpted from Michigan Tech Magazine, Spring 2008