Dorothy Ruohonen

Dorothy Ruohonen
  • AAS Mechanical Engineering 1985

Dorothy (Daavettila) Ruohonen had a strong connection to Michigan Tech prior to her attending the University in 1982. Dorothy’s father, Donald Daavettila, was named Michigan Tech Professor Emeritus of Physics in 2000. Working as a nurse while attending Michigan Tech, Ruohonen graduated in 1985 with a degree in Mechanical Design.

By 1987, Ruohonen was President and Owner of Hawk Technologies, executing everything from mechanical design to detail drawings. Ruohonen built her company from the ground up. At the time, she did not even own a computer and purchased her first drafting board for $400; a major purchase for a recent college graduate in the 1980s.

As her company expanded and shifted focus, Hawk Technologies eventually became Talon Research Inc. The capabilities of Talon extend beyond initial design and engineering, encompassing research and development and original and external product development. Talon has secured a client list that encompasses a wide variety of commercial, medical and military industries.

Expanding from 2 to 12 employees, Talon Research has benefitted from the programs and services of the MTEC SmartZone. In 2005, Ruohonen and her husband Jay, also a Michigan Tech Alumnus, moved their company into the Hancock, Michigan-based MTEC SmartZone. The Ruohonens maintain a close relationship with Michigan Tech, largely employing Tech graduates.

With the development of Talon’s original BridgeGuard product, which is designed to determine the health of our nation’s infrastructure, Talon Research continues to grow and prosper.

Dorothy Ruohonen is a Sponsor and Judge of SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge™ Safety Award.

Talon Research Inc. is based inside MTEC SmartZone’s Jutila Center location in Hancock, MI. For more information on MTEC SmartZone, visit or call (906) 487-7000.