Dr. David Peters

David Peters
  • BS Chemistry 1987
Dave Peters '87, BS, chemistry, from Dansville, Michigan, works for BASF in technical services. He chose to come to Michigan Tech because a high-school teacher told him he wouldn't succeed here.

"I wanted to prove him wrong," Peters remembers. He says he proved to be "stupid but saveable."

"My grades weren't great," he says. "But after being here and doing what I needed to do to get a degree, I knew I could go anywhere and be successful. After learning here what I didn't know, I learned what I needed to know."

A rigorous process? "Absolutely," he says. "You don't believe it until you go somewhere else." He knows because he went on to graduate study at two other universities. One was "cake." The other was "easy."

Michigan Tech, then, was a solid footing - "Really, if you will, the starting point. Tech gave me the tools to build upon."

Reprinted from Alumni Reunion 2007: Stories