Alumni and Friends


William Roberts

  • Interim Vice President for Advancement
Brenda Rudiger

Brenda Rudiger

  • Assistant Vice President for Alumni Engagement

About Brenda

  • Supports the Michigan Tech Alumni Board of Directors, a group of dedicated volunteers from across the country.
  • Leads a team of alumni engagement professionals who support programs for students, alumni and friends of the university.
  • Manages a number of special projects designed to increase alumni engagement.
  • Participates in events across the country to engage alumni and friends.
  • Supports the Michigan Tech Retired Employees Program.
Erin Thompson (Jarvi)

Erin Thompson (Jarvi)

  • Associate Director, Alumni Programming

About Erin

  • A Michigan Tech Alumna.
  • Experience in the pharmaceutical research industry and in Michigan Tech admissions helps her to connect with varied audiences.
  • Coordinates and manages the annual Alumni Reunion and works with Alumni.
  • Advises the Michigan Tech Student Foundation.
  • Supports a variety of student-alumni programs.
  • Collaborates with departments across campus on alumni initiatives.
Kay Larson

Kay Larson

  • Assistant Director - External Relations

About Kay

  • A Michigan Tech Alumna.
  • Works with the Regional Chapter volunteer network.
  • Organizes regional events and mass communication efforts.
  • Oversees Michigan Tech Alumni social media presence.
Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams


  • Manage marketing communications for Advancement and Alumni Engagement
  • Write, edit, and develop content for marketing communications including newsletters, brochures, websites, electronic publications, and social media
  • Develop and write alumni and donor stories for publication
Steven Dobbs

Steven Dobbs

  • Marketing and Communications Specialist

About Steven

  • Web presence management
  • Marketing development and implementation
Wes Frahm

Wes Frahm

  • Digital Marketing and Content Coordinator

About Wes

  • Coordinates Advancement and Alumni Engagement social media profiles
  • Creates content for all projects and media
  • Videography
Becky Codere

Becky Codere

  • Administrative Aide

About Becky

  • Provides comprehensive support functions for the Office of Alumni Engagement
  • Manages departmental accounts and budgets for Alumni Engagement