Frequently Asked Questions


 Alumnus? Alumnae? Alumni? What am I?

If you’re male, you’re an alumnus. A group of men is called alumni. If you’re female, you’re an alumna. A group of women is called alumnae (pronounced “alum-nay”). If the group is made up of both men and women, you’re alumni. That’s why you see “alumni” most often; it can be gender neutral.

All of these terms come from the Latin words “alumnus,” which means “foster child,” and “alere,” which means “to nourish.”


 How many Michigan Tech graduates are there?

There are more than 70,000 alumni and friends in the Michigan Tech Alumni family living and working in more than 100 nations around the world. To find alumni in your area, check out the MyMichiganTech online directory. You can also hook up with our regional chapter network at


What does the Michigan Tech Alumni Board of Directors do?

The group lives its mission to celebrate traditions and create connections by offering learning, networking, and socializing events, programs, and services for alumni and students.


Who are the Alumni Board of Directors?

They’re volunteers, elected from around the country to serve on the Board of Directors. They form the policy-making body for the Michigan Tech Alumni Association, establishing priorities, programs, and working with the Executive Director of Alumni Engagement to develop and support enrichment activities for students and alumni. For more details visit:


How do I become a member?

Easy! After completing one semester at Michigan Tech, you’re considered a member of our alumni family. There are no dues, just a lot of great benefits. We connect you to an influential worldwide network of Huskies around the globe.


What is MyMichiganTech?

MyMichiganTech is Michigan Tech's exclusive Online Alumni Community. It’s a great way to get connected and leverage your Michigan Tech Alumni Network.

You can:

  • Search the Alumni Directory
  • Update and maintain your profile (including integrating your Facebook and LinkedIn info)
  • Post a Class Note, upload pictures
  • And much more . . .

How to Join: Visit MyMichiganTech to get started. Forgot your username or password? Just visit the MyMichiganTech info page and click on the appropriate resources link for assistance.


How can I reconnect with former classmates?

Our privacy policy regarding the personal information of our alumni restricts us from releasing contact information directly to individuals.

But . . . MyMichiganTech has several features that can help you locate former classmates.

  1. Search the online directory for individuals by name, major, grad year, location, employer, or by activities they participated in as a student.
  2. Update your profile to make it easier for former classmates to find you in the directory.
  3. Share your news and photos (employment, marriage, new additions to your family, etc.) by submitting a Class Note. Notes not only appear in MyMichiganTech, but might also be included in Michigan Tech Magazine.
  4. Send an invitation to your classmates through the online community to join you at the annual Alumni Reunion in August.

We are always happy to help you to find your fellow alumni. Just contact the Alumni Relations office by calling 1-906-487-2400, toll free at 1-877-MTU-ALUM or email


When is the annual Alumni Reunion?

It always takes place on campus the first week in August. The yearly celebration is the perfect time to reunite and reminisce. All alumni and friends are welcome to attend a wide range of Reunion events, with most of the official activities taking place Wednesday through Saturday. Special events are planned for the Golden M’s (those who graduated fifty or more years ago). Forty-, thirty-, twenty-five-, twenty-, and ten-year Reunion classes are also honored, along with featured athletic teams and other special groups. Visit for details.


What is a Golden “M”?

When alumni reach their 50th class reunion year, they are welcomed into the Golden M’s with a special pinning ceremony during the annual Alumni Reunion in August.

The tradition began in 1961 and continues to this day.


How can I order a transcript or replacement diploma?

Requests for transcripts and replacement diplomas are handled by the Registrar's Office.

Transcripts can be ordered in person or by phone, mail, or fax. Those who graduated in or after 2003 can also order transcripts online through Banweb. Visit

Enter online requests for replacement diplomas at

Or you can contact the Registrar's Office at (906) 487-2319.


Where can I buy Tech gear and apparel?

  • Learn more about Michigan Tech license plates, diploma frames, official class rings, and more.
  • For Michigan Tech apparel and gifts, visit the Campus Store and University Images online at:


How can I get a Michigan Tech email address?

Registration for complimentary alumni "" email accounts is available within MyMichiganTech. Students are able to keep their email address after graduation as long as they continue to actively use it.


How can I update my personal information with Michigan Tech?

Update your personal contact and employment information by updating your profile within MyMichiganTech or by completing our online form. Visit here:

Or simply contact the Alumni Relations office at 1-906-487-2400, toll free at 1-877-MTU-ALUM, or email


How can I get more involved with Michigan Tech and help students, new graduates and fellow alumni?

There are many ways that you can lend a hand:

  • Become a regional contact
  • Get involved in a network or chapter (or start a new one!)
  • Attend Alumni events in your area
  • Join MyMichiganTech
  • Become a professional mentor to students

Find more suggestions on our Be A Resource opportunity page:


How do I find out more about alumni events or other activities?

We list it all on our events web page. In most cases, we also email invitations to alumni and friends who live within 60 to 100 miles of an event location. Sometimes we send postcard invites, too. Many of our regional alumni chapters have Facebook pages, another handy way to find the latest info on events and activities in your area.

The best way to make sure you’re on our invitation list is to let us know where you are! Visit or call the Alumni Relations office at 1-906-487-2400, toll free at 1-877-MTU-ALUM, or email


How can I submit a Class Note for Michigan Tech Magazine?

Class Notes that appear in each issue of the University’s flagship magazine are pulled from the Class Notes section of MyMichiganTech, the online alumni community. You can also email your Class Note to or call us at 906-487-2400.

It’s easy to join MyMichiganTech. Visit this page to get started. If you’ve forgotten your username or password just visit the MyMichiganTech info page for assistance.


Why does my university send me credit card and insurance offers?

Your Alumni Board of Directors forms partnerships with organizations to provide a wide range of member benefits and services. The selection and approval of these corporate partners is undertaken by a volunteer group of your fellow alumni who evaluate and review each partnership opportunity. Their goal is to ensure that alumni, students, faculty, and staff enjoy meaningful perks and exclusive offers designed to enhance the quality of their lives. In addition to providing services and products to our members, some of these corporate partnerships also generate revenue. As a direct result of alumni participation in these affinity services, we are able to fund numerous initiatives in support of Michigan Tech students and alumni.

Show your Michigan Tech pride! Visit for details.


How does the University use my personal information?

Your privacy is of the utmost importance. All alumni information, including mailing and e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers, is held in the strictest confidence.

Michigan Technological University occasionally contacts alumni by mail, e-mail, and phone with information on alumni events, services, and opportunities to support the university. For example, Michigan Tech Magazine, Research, our newsletters, and a variety of college and department communications are distributed to Michigan Tech alumni and friends.

Please review our Privacy policy to learn more.


What is the Michigan Technological University Presidential Council of Alumnae (PCA)?

PCA members are female graduates who have been recognized for achievements in areas such as education, professional or personal achievement, past service as a student or currently in their communities, and for outstanding support for the University.

These alumnae assist the University and their academic departments in founding and implementing programs that support the University’s strategic plan, including student recruitment and retention initiatives.