Student Initiative Support Program

If your student organization has an idea that promotes student involvement on campus, the community of Michigan Tech alumni can help!

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The Michigan Tech alumni Student Initiative Support Program is designed to promote on-campus student involvement through the support of the alumni community. This program is geared towards registered student groups, clubs, or societies who desire to make a positive difference on campus.

Initiative requests can be either of the following or a combination:

  • Connection with (a) member(s) of the alumni community that have skills or resources well-suited to the student initiative.
  • Financial assistance in support of the initiative.

While fair consideration will be given to all requests, preference will be given to initiatives that positively impact all students and support the alumni mission of “Celebrating Traditions. Creating Connections” and promote a culture of philanthropy among students. Whenever possible, requests should occur at least 60 days prior to the time of resource need.


  1. The student secures approval of the applicable student organization or academic advisor for their initiative.
  2. The support application is completed by the student and routes to Alumni Relations.
  3. Alumni relations pairs each with a member of the SISP Committee, which is composed of alumni Board of Directors members. This committee member serves as the alumni Advocate for the project.
  4. The Advocate, at a minimum, has a conversation with the student requestor to understand the initiative, type of assistance requested, and the justification. The Advocate may gather information from others as well, including the applicable advisor.
  5. The Advocate then presents the case for support to the rest of the SISP Committee, and the committee arrives at a response as a team.
  6. The Advocate follows up with the student requestor and formally responds. Whenever possible, a response will be provided within one week of submittal.