Summer Youth Programs Hiring for 2024!

Are you looking for a summer job where you can spend your summer here in Houghton and build professional skills while making an impact on the next generation of doers and makers? If so, Summer Youth Programs (SYP) is the place for you.

This coming summer, we're looking for dedicated individuals to join our team of counselors as we host nearly a thousand middle and high school students from around the world. During the day, our students spend time in Michigan Tech classrooms and labs doing hands-on activities to spark curiosity. In the evenings, awesome students just like you join our participants as they explore the Keweenaw.

Come share your passion for our beautiful home and make an impact today. Job descriptions and an application can be found on our website and we're always happy to chat. Contact us at, stop by our office (Admin 217) or give us a call at 906-487-2219.

In-Store Customer Appreciation Sale

The Campus Store and University Images would like to thank you for being loyal Huskies fans, and our in-store Customer Appreciation Day is almost here.

Visit us in person on Friday (Dec. 1) and receive 20% off almost everything! With a variety of Michigan Tech branded apparel and souvenirs, plus U.P. and Michigan-themed items, you're sure to find special goodies for your Husky pack and maybe a little something for yourself.

The Campus Store will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and University Images will be open from 8 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. on Friday.

Fall 2023 WIA Breakfast Social

Please join Women in the Academy (WIA) for a breakfast celebrating the end of the fall semester. Stop by the MUB Alumni Lounge B anytime between 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 12. There will be continental breakfast and coffee.

There will be no formal program or agenda for this meeting, but there will be discussion tables and lots of opportunities for networking and conversation. Hope to see you there!

Submit your RSVP by Monday (Dec. 4) to help us organize the event.

PhD Defense: Daniel Freiberg, MSE

Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering candidate Daniel Freiberg will present a doctoral defense tomorrow (Nov. 30) at 10 a.m. in person in M&M 610 and virtually via Zoom.

Freiberg is advised by Paul Sanders.

The defense is titled "Improved Ductility in an Artificially Aged Al-Zn-Mg Alloy with Mn Additions."

From the abstract:
Further lightweighting of aluminum-intensive vehicle (AIV) body structures is of high priority to increase vehicle range. 7000-series alloys can offer in-service strength levels of 500 MPa which could provide a 30% weight reduction over existing 6000 series structural parts. However, these alloys do not have a stable T4 temper and are not able to be conventionally stamped due to low formability. Hot stamping has been demonstrated as a viable method to forming a 7000-series part where a blank is solution heat treated, formed and simultaneously quenched, followed by a two step artificial age treatment raising the part to its in-service strength.

A key challenge to implementing a hot stamped and two-step aged 7000-series part is that they are not readily joinable via self-pierce riveting (SPR), because they lack room-temperature ductility. Precipitation-hardened alloys like 7000-series alloys are susceptible to localized planar slip, which degrades the local ductility needed to form a successful SPR joint. In this work a strategy to reduce planar slip was proposed, in which a dispersion of sub-micron sized, non-shearable, Mn-based dispersoids was added to a dense distribution of nano-sized strengthening precipitates. Model Al Zn-Mg alloys with various additions of Mn were cast, homogenized, and fabricated into wrought sheet material that was solution heat treated and two-step artificially aged.

In the two-step aged condition, the addition of Mn increased ultimate tensile strength, but did not affect tensile yield strength. Mn additions improved ductility due to the formation of Mn-dispersoids that facilitated dislocation cross-slip onto adjacent slip planes, resulting in a more finely-spaced arrangement of slip bands that reduced grain boundary stress localization. A more homogenous slip distribution was observed in TEM and slip-line spacing was quantified using EBSD data collected from strained specimens that were thermo-mechanically processed to have similar grain sizes.

PhD Proposal Defense: Adenike Olowolagba, Chem

Department of Chemistry (Chem) Ph.D. student Adenike Olowolagba will present their research proposal defense today (Nov. 29) at 2 p.m. in person in EERC 214.

Olowolagba's defense is titled "Enhancing and Tracking Mitochondrial Targeting of Bullatacin in Cancer Therapy: A Dual Approach Using Triphenylphosphonium and Rhodamine Tagging."

Olowolagba's advisor is Haiying Liu.

ME-EM Graduate Seminar Speaker: Kurt Schneider

The next Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (ME-EM) Graduate Seminar speaker will present at 4 p.m. tomorrow (Nov. 30) in MEEM 112.

Kurt Schneider will present “Engineering Skills of the Future.”

Schneider has worked for General Motors for 33 years. In his time at GM, he has held positions in multiple areas, including Performance Integration, Noise and Vibrations, and CAE.

EF Faculty Candidate Presentation with Alden Adolph

The Department of Engineering Fundamentals (EF) is conducting a faculty search.

Faculty candidate Alden Adolph will present an active and collaborative first-year engineering lesson at 10 a.m. Friday (Dec. 1) in Dillman 208.

Algorithmic Culture Brown Bag

Please join the Brown Bag event presented by Stefka Hristova (HU) and Soonkwan Hong (COB): "Fetishization of Algorithms in Everyday Life."

The sheer presence of algorithms poses existential questions about how deeply computational mechanisms have come to permeate everyday life. Join IPEC's director and associate director in discussing biases and unintended consequences of algorithms and AI.

The event will be held Friday (Dec. 1) from 12-1 p.m. in the Petersen Library — Walker 318.

BioSci Seminar Series Speaker: Emily Washeleski

Emily Washeleski will present as part of the Department of Biological Sciences (BioSci) Seminar Series tomorrow (Nov. 30) from 3-4 p.m. in GLRC 202.

The presentation is titled "Screening for microbial natural products: A CURE approach."

From the abstract:
Found around the globe in temperate and extreme environments, microbial communities have metabolisms adapted to large numbers of niche environments and therefore provide a largely untapped reservoir of potentially useful metabolites. Given the sheer number of species, developing different high-throughput methods of screening is of primary importance in recovering novel compounds. Using bacteria as its sole food source, the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans has potential for detecting bacterial metabolites of interest. This presentation will cover the piloting of a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) based on C. elegans feeding assays using environmental bacterial isolates. Over the course of one semester, students taking part in the Spring 2021 Genetics laboratory screened locally isolated bacteria for potential RTK/Ras/MAPK signaling antagonists using Synthetic Multivula(SynMuv) mutant C. elegans strains. Of the 40 isolates tested, 3 showed significant phenotype suppression appropriate for downstream analysis, highlighting the CURE model as an introductory research experience capable of novel data generation.

BioSci Seminar Series Speaker: Karl Schneider

Karl Schneider will present as part of the Department of Biological Sciences (BioSci) Seminar Series tomorrow (Nov. 30) from 3-4 p.m. in GLRC 202.

The presentation is titled "Revealing early cell cycle dynamics in epithelial ovarian cancer cells with CDK4/6 inhibition."

From the abstract:
Despite decades of research and the development of initially effective treatment strategies, epithelial ovarian cancer remains a leading cause of cancer death for women worldwide. Quiescent, stem-like side populations of cancer cells within the tumor microenvironment could be the culprit behind the recurrence of the disease following remission in the majority of ovarian cancer patients . The pocket proteins pRb and p130, along with the DREAM complex, coordinate the repression of late G1 and S phase gene expression which is essential for maintaining quiescence. Cell cycle regulatory proteins are often mutated during oncogenesis, and it remains unclear what minimal functional components are necessary for cancer cells to retain the ability to quiesce. We used the CDK4/6 inhibitors palbociclib, abemaciclib, and ribociclib to induce quiescence and synchronize populations of cell lines in culture (2 epithelial ovarian cancer cell lines SKOV3 and HEYA8 and 1 immortalized primary fallopian tube epithelial cell line FT282). We performed flow cytometry and western blotting to confirm the effective induction of quiescence following treatment with CDK4/6 inhibitors. Analysis of the transcriptome via mRNA sequencing revealed the genes actively expressed as well as the relative changes in gene expression during and following this period of artificially induced quiescence. Finally, chromatin immunoprecipitation exposes the spatiotemporal dynamics of DNA binding by relevant transcription factors, including pRb and the DNA binding components of the dream complex. Taken altogether, these analyses enable a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying quiescence in epithelial ovarian cancer. Also, the establishment of a model for cell cycle synchronization with CDK4/6 inhibition and the subsequent analytical pipelines described herein can be expanded to later phases of the cell cycle, protein targets within other relevant signaling pathways, and other types of cancer. Novel data pertaining to the maintenance of quiescence in epithelial ovarian cancer will hopefully contribute to the development of better diagnostics and treatments for the detection and prevention of recurrent tumors.

Alyssa Wypych Named GLIAC Offensive Player of the Week

Michigan Tech women's basketball guard Alyssa Wypych has been named GLIAC Offensive Player of the Week.

Wypych led the Huskies in scoring in a weekend split, with MTU falling at No. 25 Minnesota Duluth 69-59 on Saturday (Nov. 25) before routing St. Cloud State (74-68) on Sunday (Nov. 26).

She posted back-to-back career highs in points, with 19 against UMD and 20 at SCSU, and played almost 31 minutes per game.

Read more at Michigan Tech Athletics.

In the News

Audra Morse (CoE) was quoted by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation in a press release announcing a $838,000 grant awarded to Michigan Tech to expand semiconductor education and training programs across the Upper Peninsula and respond to Michigan’s increased demand for skilled technicians and engineering professionals in the semiconductor industry. The release was picked up by the Daily Mining Gazette.


Ezra Bar-Ziv (ME-EM/APSRC) was quoted by Scrap Monster, Waste & Recycling and Nasdaq in a press release announcing a $600,000 grant from the Reducing Embodied Energy and Decreasing Emissions (REMADE) Institute to a polymer recycling technology research partnership between Michigan Tech, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and polyolefins and biopolymers producer Braskem. The release was picked up from Business Wire.


Emily Schwiebert (VPOL) was a de-facto guest on the Nov. 24 episode of Interlochen Public Radio's Points North podcast, which chronicled the hosts’ search for a ghost town in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Schwiebert accompanied them on their trip and guided them to the “almost ghost town” of Winona.


Rolf Peterson (CFRES) was quoted by the Detroit News in a story discussing whether a wolf hunt should be allowed in Michigan if the species is removed from the federal endangered species list. The story was picked up from Michigan State University’s Spartan Newsroom.


Mont Ripley general manager Nick Sirdenis and Jennifer Lucas (ADV) were quoted by WLUC TV6 in a story about a fundraising effort to expand Mont Ripley’s chalet, add a top-to-bottom beginner run and increase parking space.


Ph.D. student Amber Alzabaidi (biological sciences) was quoted by the Daily Mining Gazette in a story about the Hancock Christmas walk on Nov. 24. The story was picked up by the Mining Journal.


The Times of India and EdTechReview covered two new hybrid-format master’s degrees being offered by Michigan Tech to students in India in collaboration with LeapScholar. Students enrolling in the hybrid M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Health Informatics programs will begin their studies in India and finish them in Houghton. The partnership was announced in a Michigan Tech News press release Nov. 22.


Michigan Business Network picked up a Michigan Economic Development Corporation announcement about a $100,000 Mobility Public-Private Partnership & Programming (MP4) Grant awarded to Michigan Tech to establish a drone operator training program. The funding was part of a total $775,000 awarded to MTU, Western Michigan University, and the University of Michigan.


Forbes mentioned Michigan Tech as one of only four colleges in the nation rated “good” for free speech by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE).


Lake Superior Magazine mentioned Michigan Tech in relation to the MTU-alumni-run Open Skies Project and its investigation into an aviation incident on Nov. 23, 1953, that resulted in the disappearance of a Kinross Air Force Base jet and its pilots.


The Rink LiveDaily Mining Gazette, FloHockey and BVM Sports covered Michigan Tech hockey’s Ryland Mosley and Matthew Campbell being named CCHA Players of the Week.


Northern Express mentioned Michigan Tech in a profile of “The Knife Guy” Todd Olson (AAS Electromechanical Engineering Technology), who crafts custom knives during his break time at Michigan Scientific in Charlevoix, Michigan.


The Oakland County Times mentioned Michigan Tech in a press release from the city of Farmington Hills, Michigan, announcing Karen Mondora ’96 (B.S. Environmental Engineering) as the new assistant city manager.


The Hockey News mentioned Michigan Tech in a story about Huskies hockey alum Jake Lucchini’s stellar contributions to the Iowa Wild.


Seasonal Days Payroll Time Reporting

Michigan Tech will provide paid Seasonal Days on Dec. 27, 28 and 29 in addition to the University’s regularly scheduled holidays (Dec. 25-26 and Jan. 1-2).

Those employees whose services are deemed necessary on campus during these days, as determined in coordination with their supervisor, will receive equal time off at a later date in coordination with their supervisor. These days must be used no later than the end of the current fiscal year on June 30, 2024.

Seasonal Day Time Reporting Instructions:
Both hourly and exempt employees should use Earn Code 320 “Seasonal Day” for Dec. 27, 28 and 29 when completing their timesheets for Dec. 24 to Jan. 6 (Bi-Weekly 01, 2024). This earn code will become available for use within the time reporting systems for Bi-Weekly 01. Employees who are using equal time off at a later date should also report those hours under the Earn Code 320.

Please contact Payroll Services at 906-487-2130 or email with questions.


Lunch and Learn: What We Eat and Why it Matters

Please join Northstar EAP next Wednesday (Dec. 6) at noon for a 45-minute hybrid Lunch and Learn presentation in MUB Ballroom B.

During the Lunch and Learn:

  • A registered dietician will answer some big questions regarding how what we eat ties greatly to our mental health and wellness goals. She will answer common questions, debunk myths and discuss various eating habits and how our daily habits at work and in our personal lives play a huge role in our diet.

  • A basket of surprises will be raffled off to one lucky employee who attends.

This hybrid presentation will be streamed on Zoom, and in-person seating will be limited. Please sign up using our RSVP form.


Semester's Last WIBIT Wednesday at the SDC Pool

MTU students, SDC Access Pass holders (minimum one-month) and WIBIT Wednesday Pass holders, come make a splash with our inflatable pool obstacle course called the WIBIT!

Today (Nov. 29) is the last WIBIT event of the semester for current MTU students and SDC Access Pass holders (minimum one-month). Test your individual skills on the course or challenge a friend to a race across the obstacles. The course is set up in the deep water and requires users to be able to pass our swim test. See the WIBIT rules and swim test content on our website for more information.

There are many different pieces of the WIBIT and each event will have a featured combination. Potential featured pieces include:

  • The Step — This piece allows users to climb up onto the course.
  • The Base — Users must make their way across a horizontal surface. Be careful how fast you move, as it can get slippery!
  • The Cliff — Users must navigate either side of a slope using the handles and their balancing skills.
  • V-Connect — Users must use limited footing space to navigate across the horizontal structure.
  • The Bridge — Users must navigate up and over an arched structure without falling through.
  • The Slope — Users must climb up a six-foot wall that leads to a slide into the pool water below!

Remaining WIBIT Date, Time and Combination:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 29, from 5-8 p.m. — Step/Bridge/Cliff/Slope

Come visit us at the pool to try out your skills! For more information, visit our WIBIT page.


PhD Defense: Dylan Gaines, CS

Ph.D. in Computer Science candidate Dylan Gaines will present his final oral examination (defense) tomorrow (Nov. 30) at 3 p.m. via Zoom webinar.

The title of the defense is “An Ambiguous Technique for Nonvisual Text Entry.”

Gaines is advised by Associate Professor Keith Vertanen (CS).

Join the Zoom webinar.

Read the defense abstract on the Computing News Blog.


University Holiday Luncheon

This year’s University Holiday Luncheon will be presented from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Monday (Dec. 4) in the Memorial Union Isle Royale Ballroom. All faculty and staff are welcome.

The University will cover the cost of the tickets this year, but guests will be asked to show their paper or e-ticket to attend. Tickets may be reserved online, in-person or via phone (7-2073) through the SDC Ticket Office. Ticket reservations end at 5 p.m. today (Nov. 29). We encourage you to secure your tickets early, as seating is limited.

The Holiday Luncheon Menu:

  • Slow Roasted Turkey
  • Garden Salad
  • Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Herb Gravy
  • Italian Sausage Stuffing
  • Glazed Carrots
  • Caramelized Cauliflower
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Apple Pie
  • Pumpkin Pie


Dow Building North Entrance Detour

Construction work will continue at the Dow Environmental Sciences and Engineering Building's north entrance canopy beginning today (Nov. 29) at 8 a.m. The work will be completed by noon on Friday (Dec. 1).

Access and egress at the Dow's north entrance will be detoured through the first floor loading dock area (Dow 103) during workday hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) on these days.

Contact Facilities Management with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Today's Campus Events

To have your event automatically appear, please submit them to the University Events Calendar.

Master's Defense: Katrina Carlson

Applied Cognitive Science & Human Factors Co-advisors: Michelle Jarvie-Eggart and Shane Mueller Engineering Self-Efficacy and Spatial Visualization: Connecting the Spatial Dots


PhD Defense: Alexander Hoth

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Co-advisors: Scott Miers and Christopher Kolodziej Investigation of Operational Parameter Differences Between the Standard RON...


UO Lab Wednesday Tours

Have you heard or seen about the BEST Unit Operations (UO) Lab in the United States? It's here, right at Michigan Tech. If you've stopped by the window on the first floor of...


MATLAB Workshop

Free MATLAB Workshop! Women in Physics is hosting a MATLAB workshop that is available to anyone who is interested. It is a 7 week course that will begin with the basic...


DIY Cookie Decorating With Well-Being

Looking for an afternoon treat? Stop by and decorate cookies with Husky Eats and the Center for Student Mental Health & Well-Being. We will be in the Library exhibit hall on...


PhD Defense: Benjamin Barrios Cerda

Engineering - Environmental Advisor: Daisuke Minakata Predicting the Reactivities and Reaction Mechanisms of Photochemically Produced Reactive Intermediates Attend...


Students For Life General Meeting

Students For Life General Meeting


WIBIT Wednesday

MTU Students, SDC Access Pass Holders (minimum 1-month) and WIBIT Wednesday Pass holders, come make a splash with our inflatable pool obstacle course called the WIBIT! Events...


College of Sciences and Arts Information Session

Michigan Tech's College of Sciences and Arts is excited to meet you! Join us to hear current students share more about the college, the majors offered, and answer any...


USG Weekly Meeting

This meeting includes weekly updates from all representatives, liaison positions, and committees. Official business carried out by USG is conducted throughout old and new...