John Vucetich Selected for Deans’ Teaching Showcase

David Flaspohler, interim dean of the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences (CFRES), has selected John Vucetich as the featured instructor this week in the Deans’ Teaching Showcase.

Vucetich, a CFRES distinguished professor, will be recognized at an end-of-term event with other showcase members and is a candidate for the CTL Instructional Award Series.

Vucetich’s primary teaching assignments are FW4260 Population Ecology, FW 4180 Conservation Ethics and FW3112 Human Dimensions of Wildlife. He likes to use a reverse engineering strategy when he prepares for a class. “I do not think about what I'd like to teach or what I can easily teach,” said Vucetich. “Rather, I think, ‘What does this group of students need to know and how can I help get them there?’”

Vucetich often uses a flipped classroom model. “When students’ first exposure to ideas can readily occur outside the classroom (reading, pre-recorded lecture, etc.), then I go for that,” said Vucetich. “Doing so frees up a great deal of class time to work with those ideas, rather than me simply transmitting those ideas.” Vucetich uses low-stakes quizzes to motivate students to engage the material before class.

Recently Vucetich has been experimenting with small-group discussions in FW3112. On the first day, he asked his students to recall a time when they had an inspiring conversation. Only about half of the students raised their hand. “Having remarkable conversations is one of the great joys in life,” said Vucetich. “In your professional lives, you will be judged importantly on the basis of how well you can hold a conversation.”

He informed his students that considerable effort would be devoted to practicing the craft of conversations. Students engage the course material before class (the flipped model), submit two pages of notes on the material, and send him (privately) any questions they have. “The questions give me a sense for what aspects of the material students are grappling with, which is not always what I’d expect,” said Vucetich.

The actual class functions like a Q&A session. “The explicit goal is for me to clarify ideas so that they are comfortable holding a discussion about them during the next class,” he said, adding: “I think I’ve been successful in distinguishing for students the difference between clarifying an idea and discussing it.”

Students submit a 75- to 100-word reflection to the Canvas discussion board to build confidence that they have something meaningful to share. During the next class, they form small groups and have conversations about the week’s material.

The result is students having more immersive conversations. “They can hold a conversation on topic for longer than I’ve previously experienced,” said Vucetich. “The conversations are more animated, and students seem to express healthy levels of confidence for sharing their ideas.”

Flaspohler emphasized Vucetich’s student-centered focus. “One thing I really admire about John’s approach to teaching is that he recognizes what students need help with and then (and this is the key part) he is really creative in introducing methods that help students learn important new skills,” said Flaspohler.

TRIP Application Change

In order to streamline the TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program) process, we will be using one form for the academic year enrollment and one form for summer enrollment.

The intention is to reduce the number of forms employees need to submit and allow for more efficient process in the Financial Aid office. Deadlines will remain the same and forms will be available year-round. If you have any questions, please contact the Benefits Office.

ADVANCE Weekly Roundup: Family Obligations' Impact on Equal Pay

This year, women had to work until March 14 in order to earn the same compensation as men did during the previous year. That pay gap has changed very little, decreasing by only 2%, in the last 20 years. In 2022 in the general workforce, women earned about 82 cents for every dollar men earned. That amount is even lower for women of color at 65 cents and 60 cents for Black and Latina women, respectively. A major contributing factor to the continued pay gap is that societal pressures and cultural expectations disproportionately push women to make work-life changes to accommodate child care and other family needs. One study suggests that women feel more work-family guilt over such responsibilities. Workplace policies can encourage these stereotypes; for example, parental leave often applies only to birth mothers, perpetuating the assumption that they are primarily responsible for child care.

There have been efforts to move toward equity at Michigan Tech. For example, MTU policy specifies the birth mother or primary caregiver is entitled to six weeks of paid leave or one semester of course relief, while the non-birth mother or secondary caregiver is entitled to two weeks of paid leave. In addition, among tenure-track and tenured faculty at Michigan Tech in 2022, there is an average salary difference of $10,000 to $15,000 between genders by rank; numbers by race/ethnicity are too low to deduce any trends. However, Michigan Tech is approaching gender pay equity by rank in Engineering/Computing as well as Natural, Social and Mathematical Sciences. However, it is important to remember that until women and men have similar workloads via indicators such as student credit hours taught, true pay equity will not be achieved. Recommendations to address the gender pay gap include providing sufficient and affordable child care, flexible and fair scheduling practices, and paid family and medical leave. At Michigan Tech, we can continue to advocate for more equitable practices that support the continued career success of women in order to overcome this gap.

Today’s feature was shared with us by the Advocates and Allies Advisory Board (A3B). If you have an article you think we should feature, please email it to and we will consider adding it to the ADVANCE Weekly Roundup.

The ADVANCE Weekly Roundup is brought to you by ADVANCE at Michigan Tech, an NSF-funded initiative dedicated to improving faculty career success, retention, diversity, equity and inclusion. Past articles are available on the ADVANCE Newsblog.

To learn more about our featured topic, our mission, programming efforts, and to check out our growing collection of resources, contact us or visit our website.

PhD Defense: Xuewei Cao, Math

The Department of Mathematical Sciences (Math) is pleased to announce that Ph.D. candidate Xuewei Cao will be presenting a final defense on Monday (April 3) at 3 p.m. The defense will be presented both in person and online via Zoom.

Cao's defense is titled "Statistical Methods for Gene Selection and Genetic Association Studies."

Cao is advised by Qiuying Sha.

MS Defense: Kaushik Baruah, ChE

M.S. in Chemical Engineering candidate Kaushik Baruah will present their master's defense on Tuesday (April 4) at 9 a.m. in person in Chem Sci 201 and virtually via Zoom.

The title of Baruah's defense is “Chemical Decomposition of Flexible Polyurethane Foam to Generate a Media for Microbial Upscaling.”

Baruah is advised by Rebecca Ong.

Atmospheric Sciences Grad Student Presentations

This week's Atmospheric Sciences graduate student presenters will be:

  • Shreya Joshi (advised by Claudio Mazzoleni)
  • Thusitha Divisekara (Ph.D. in Chemistry candidate, advised by Lynn Mazzoleni)

This will be an in-person event — the students will give their talks at 4 p.m. Monday (April 3) in Fisher 101.

Event details, including the students' presentation titles and abstracts, are available on the University Events Calendar.

Environmental Engineering Graduate Seminar

The next Environmental Engineering Graduate Seminar will take place at 3 p.m. on Monday (April 3) in GLRC 202.

Graduate presenters:

  • Rose Daily, Ph.D. student in environmental engineering, Michigan Tech, will present "Nature-Based Engineering: Development of a Biogarden to Manage Greywater Discharge in Monteverde, Costa Rica"

  • Michelle Bollini, M.S. student in environmental engineering, Michigan Tech, will present "A Kinetic Bioaccumulation Model for a Mining Impacted Aquatic Ecosystem"

Read the abstracts on the University Events Calendar.

ACSHF Forum: Grad Student Presentations

The Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences (CLS) will host two speakers at the next Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors forum: Katrina Carlson and Brittany Nelson, both ACSHF graduate students. Their presentations will be from 2-3 p.m. Monday (April 3) in Meese 109 and via Zoom.

Carlson will present "Engineering Self-efficacy and Spatial Skills: A two-part study"

Nelson will present "Title: Preliminary Evaluation for an Educational Intervention: Insights from a Usability Survey"

Full abstracts can be found on our Cognitive and Learning Sciences News blog.

This Week in Michigan Tech Esports

Friday (March 31)
• Rocket League A vs. Cal Poly 9 p.m. CRL LCQ Worlds. Watch the Twitch stream.
• Overwatch 2 vs. Pilot Invitational

Saturday (April 1)
• Apex vs. Week 3 Group Stage 3 p.m. Octane Collegiate
• Rocket League A vs. Rochester 3 p.m. NSL Varsity Premier LCQ
• IM Tournament in Esports Facility. Watch the Twitch stream.
• Overwatch 2 vs. Pilot Invitational

Sunday (April 2)
• IM Tournament in Esports Facility. Watch the Twitch stream.
• CSGO vs. TBD 3:30 p.m. NSL Varsity Conference Championship

Times are subject to change. Check Twitter @MTUEsports and the Esports schedule for updates.


Esports News
Read more in the MTU Esports weekly update.

Tristan Ashbrook Signs with Savannah Ghost Pirates in ECHL

Michigan Tech hockey forward Tristan Ashbrook signed a professional contract with the Savannah Ghost Pirates in the ECHL.

The Ghost Pirates are affiliated with the NHL's Las Vegas Golden Knights and the AHL's Henderson Silver Knights.

Ashbrook skated in 94 games for the Huskies over the past three seasons after transferring to Tech from RPI. He had 28 goals and 17 assists in a Michigan Tech uniform and registered a career-high 17 points in 2022-23 with 10 goals and seven assists.

Read more at the Michigan Tech Athletics website.

David Jankowski Signs with Wheeling Nailers in ECHL

Michigan Tech hockey forward David Jankowski has signed a professional contract with the Wheeling Nailers in the ECHL.

The Nailers are affiliated with the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins of the AHL.

Jankowski played his fifth season of collegiate hockey for the Huskies in 2022-23, appearing in 28 games with four goals and five assists.

Read more at the Michigan Tech Athletics website.

Track & Field Prepped for Platteville Opener

The Michigan Tech track and field team has added the Platteville Opener to their schedule after the cancellation of the St. Norbert's Early Bird Invite last weekend.

Tech will travel with a roster of 43 to the Platteville Opener hosted by University of Wisconsin-Platteville tomorrow (April 1). 

Both fields events and running events will start at 11 a.m., with live results available at AccuRace Timing Services.

Read more at the Michigan Tech Athletics website.

Job Postings

Job Postings for Friday, March 31, 2023

Staff and faculty job descriptions are available on the Human Resources website. For more information regarding staff positions, call 906-487-2280 or email For more information regarding faculty positions, contact the academic department in which the position is posted.

Postdoctoral Scholar, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences. Apply online.

Residence Education Coordinator, Housing and Residence Education. Apply online.

Food Service Helper (nine months/ 40 hours/ first shift) #23080, Dining Services (AFSCME posting dates March 31 to April 6, 2023 — external applicants are encouraged to apply; however, internal AFSCME applicants are given first consideration if they apply during the internal AFSCME posting dates). Apply online.

Custodian (12 months/ 40 hours/ first shift) #23081, SDC Operations (AFSCME posting dates March 31 to April 6, 2023 — external applicants are encouraged to apply; however, internal AFSCME applicants are given first consideration if they apply during the internal AFSCME posting dates). Apply online.

Slate Enrollment Analyst, Enrollment Management. Apply online.

Financial Aid Manager, Financial Aid. Apply online.

Michigan Technological University is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution/Equal Opportunity Employer that provides equal opportunity for all, including protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Accommodations are available. If you require any auxiliary aids, services, or other accommodations to apply for employment, or for an interview, at Michigan Technological University, please notify the Human Resources office at 906-487-2280 or


Celebrating Iranian New Year (Nowruz) at Michigan Tech

The Iranian Community at Michigan Tech is celebrating the new year (Nowruz) and would like to share the Iranian new year tradition at Michigan Tech. Everyone is invited to join us to celebrate the beginning of spring together.

This year, our event includes an Iranian banquet, traditional dance performances by our organization members, Iranian live music by a music rock star invited from London and stand-up comedy by a comedian invited from California. Our event is Sunday (April 2) from 6-9 p.m., followed by a one-hour fun after-party.

Tickets will being sold at the MUB Commons until the end of today (March 31) or until we sell out. Students can get tickets for $15 and nonstudent tickets are $25.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Virtual Reading & Conversation: 'From Soil to Stars: Finding Nature in the Archive'

What are the politics of nature? Who owns it, where is it and what role does it play in our lives?

Join MTU's Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and MTU's Office of Sustainability and Resilience as we attend the virtual discussion of "A Darker Wilderness: Black Nature Writing from Soil to Stars," a collection of lyrical essays in conversation with archival objects of Black history and memory. The explores stories spanning hundreds of years and thousands of miles, traveling from roots to space — finding rich Blackness everywhere. Presented by Augsburg University as part of Earth Month 2023 at Michigan Tech.

Read more on the Sustainability Blog.

Event Details:

  • What: "From Soil to Stars: Finding Nature in the Archive," A Virtual Reading & Conversation Presented by Augsburg University
  • When: Monday, April 3, from 5:30-7 p.m.
  • Where: U. J. Noblet Forestry Building, Noblet G002 Hesterberg Hall


Chemistry Seminar with Kai Shen

The Department of Chemistry will have the next presentation in the Chemistry Seminar Series today (March 31) at 3 p.m. in Chem Sci 101.

Our guest speaker is Kai Shen from Savannah State University.

Shen's presentation is titled "Modulating Sigma-1 Receptor: A Novel Therapeutic Approach for Neurodegenerative Disorders."

From the abstract:
Neuronal mitochondrial dysfunction, induced by factors such as exposure to environmental toxins or circadian disruption, has been implicated in various neurodegenerative disorders. Sigma-1 receptor (S1R), a transmembrane chaperone protein, has recently been pursued as a promising pharmacological target to ameliorate mitochondrial dysfunction. My lab is exploring the potential of S1R agonists as a countermeasure to restore mitochondrial function in two military-related health issues: Gulf War Illness (GWI) and Circadian Rhythm Disruption (CRD)-induced fatigue. Both issues have been linked to the development of neurodegenerative disorders. Using cell models of GWI and CRD, we confirmed that selected S1R agonists significantly improve mitochondrial respiration. The results of our genetic analysis suggested possible therapeutic mechanisms of S1R agonists that involve alterations in calcium and actin cytoskeleton signaling pathways. Moreover, our preliminary animal behavioral data indicate that one of the selected S1R agonists can enhance memory and motor function in our GWI animal model.


2022 Flexible Spending Account Claims Deadline is Friday

The deadline for employees to submit claims for their 2022 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is today (March 31). Health care and dependent care claims during the 2022 calendar year are eligible if the date of service was in 2022. Any money remaining in the account after this date is forfeited per IRS regulations.

The Flexible Spending Account Claim Form can be found online. Dependent care claims require an invoice or receipt from the provider. All medical, dental and optical claims should be processed through your insurance plans before submitting them to your health care reimbursement account.

Attach the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or a claim summary from your insurance plan to the claim form when submitting a claim. For expenses not processed through insurance, submit the itemized receipt.

For questions, contact Benefit Services at or call 7-2517.


Film Board Presenting 'Rush Hour'

This week, the Film Board is presenting "Rush Hour," a 1998 film rated PG-13.

Summary: A loyal and dedicated Hong Kong inspector teams up with a reckless and loudmouthed Los Angeles Police Department detective to rescue the Chinese consul's kidnapped daughter, while trying to arrest a dangerous crime lord along the way.


  • Friday, March 31 — 5:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 11:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, April 1 — 5:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 11:30 p.m.

Located on Michigan Tech's campus in Fisher 135.

Tickets are $3 and concessions are $1. We hope to see you at the movie this weekend and have a great day.

In the News

Daniel Dowden (CEGE) was credited by DBusiness in a story about the benefits and potential of mass timber in the construction industry. Dowden provided info on mass timber buildings’ ability to withstand earthquakes.


Two Michigan Tech projects were named by the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy in an announcement of $2,037,771 in grants awarded to projects across the state using scrap tire materials. MTU will receive $901,363 for the two road paving projects in Bay and Saginaw counties in the Lower Peninsula. The announcement was picked up by Blue Water Healthy Living, the Keweenaw Report, Saginaw's WNEM TV5 and Lansing's WILX News 10.


Discover Magazine mentioned Michigan Tech in a story taking a look at the evolution of women in volcanology. Gari Mayberry ’99 (M.S. Geology) was quoted in the story. Mayberry is currently a U.S. Geological Survey natural hazards and disaster risk reduction team lead and geoscience advisor.


WNMU-FM ran a short summary of Michigan Tech’s plans to absorb Finlandia University’s nursing program.


Michigan Business Network covered Michigan Tech being designated as the Michigan Translational research and Commercialization (MTRAC) program’s Advanced Materials Innovation Hub by the Michigan Strategic Fund.


The Daily Mining Gazette covered Michigan Tech hockey defenseman Chris Lipe's signing with the ECHL's Iowa Heartlanders.

Today's Campus Events

To have your event automatically appear, please submit them to the University Events Calendar.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance by Appointment

The College of Business is pleased to again offer Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. Accounting majors will provide free income tax preparation assistance for students and...


Michigan Tech Art Presents: Snowsports Faculty and Staff Art Show



ChE Seminar by Faculty Candidate

Integrated Plasmonic System and Probes for High Spatiotemporal Biomolecular Profiles Young Geun Park, PhD Assistant Research Scientist University of...


Friends of the Michigan Tech Library Book Sale

Come visit our annual book sale! For 2023 it will be held: 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, March 30, 2023 for students (free) and members ($20 memberships sold at the door)10 a.m. to 4...


CEGE Alumni Speaker Series - Ron Staley

Ron Staley, Senior Vice President, The Christman Company - Executive Director of Historic Preservation The Career Challenge Building: Saving Michigan Central...


MTEC SmartZone - Virtual Town Hall

Interested in learning more about what MTEC SmartZone is and does, and how you could get involved? Are you an industry expert with the experience to serve as a mentor or to...


CS Colloquium Lecture: Qiben Yan, Michigan State University

Qiben Yan, Michigan State University, will present a Department of Computer Science Colloquium lecture, “Securing Cyber Physical Systems Against Novel Physical-Layer Attacks,”...


Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal: Yuchen Wang, Computer Science

Department of Computer Science graduate student Yuchen Wang’s will present his Ph.D. dissertation proposal on Friday, March 31, 2023, from 4-5 p.m., in Rekhi Hall, Room 101,...


Film Board Presents: Rush Hour

Join Film Board this weekend as we show Rush Hour! Free tickets for students! Regular showings are on Friday 3/31 and a single showing is on Saturday 4/1 during Casino Night...


Film Board Presents: Rush Hour

Join Film Board this weekend as we show Rush Hour! Free tickets for students! Regular showings are on Friday 3/31 and a single showing is on Saturday 4/1 during Casino Night...


Film Board Presents: Rush Hour

Join Film Board this weekend as we show Rush Hour! Free tickets for students! Regular showings are on Friday 3/31 and a single showing is on Saturday 4/1 during Casino Night...


(Women's Tennis) Michigan Tech at Saginaw Valley State

Women's Tennis: Michigan Tech at Saginaw Valley State