Memory 266

This was my first year at Michigan Tech, and I lived in Citadel in West Wads. Our group is the research scholars and Honors Institute kids.
In October, for the "first snow" of the season, it was a Saturday. A bunch of us all got up pretty early--it was around 8 am--and went outside to play in the snow.
We threw snowballs (oops!), made snow angels, and decided, upon noticing more snow in the open areas, that we would attempt to build a snowman.
Now, it being the beginning of October, and being that there was almost no snow at all, the snowman didn't turn out so well--it was pretty dirty, and it took a long time to find enough snow for the whole thing! The dirtiness of the snow brought about the snowman's name--the Dirty Polar bear.
I had so many good times with my hall this year, and I guess, above all, I'd just like to thank them all for that!
Hannah Smith ’13