Silver to Gold: Michigan Tech's Attention to Veterans Nets Upgrade in Rankings

"It's great to have good support after your service. I was helped the whole way through. "

Alumnus and staff member Allan Ollanketo was stationed as an EM2 on the USS Tarawa before he came to Michigan Tech. The institutional analysis coordinator was an honored guest at Wednesday's ceremony elevating the University from silver- to gold-level status as a Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Veteran-Friendly School.

Michigan Tech President Glenn Mroz told Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency Director Jim Redford that one of the most touching moments of every commencement ceremony is the ROTC commissioning.

Redford noted that during his 28 years of active and reserve duty he served with a lot of Michigan Tech naval officers who went through the NROTC program here.

 "They were outstanding sailors, outstanding engineers and outstanding patriots," he said.

 What did it take to jump from good to great? It's a matter of satisfying seven matrixes, said Redford. Previously Michigan Tech hit four benchmarks. It's now satisfying all seven. Michigan Tech VA School Certifying Official Kathy Pintar took care of documentation, which includes having an on-campus veteran's coordinator, an active veteran's organization, military education credits, a range of counseling, health, and housing services, and veteran-specific job placement.

 There are currently 46 veterans receiving VA benefits and nine service members on campus.

 "We have a lot of children of veterans receiving the GI Bill, as well as veterans," Pintar noted.

 "Michigan Tech is one of the country's finest universities. It sets a standard for all the universities in our state," Redford said, passing out the Director's Coin for Exemplary Service to Ollanketo, Pintar and Mroz along with key members of Michigan Tech's leadership team including Dean of Students Bonnie Gorman, Provost Jackie Huntoon, and Career Services Director Steve Patchin.  

 "We're proud veterans would choose us—after they've given so much, that they would put their education in our hands," Mroz said. "My dad was a vet. I think he would be proud of what we're doing here."

 Check back for the updated 2016-17 full list of schools and rankings on the MVAA's website.  Learn more about veteran services offered at Michigan Tech.   

Reopening of North Coast Grill and Deli

We are pleased to announce the completion of the renovation of the North Coast Grill and Deli and Keweenaw Commons in the Memorial Union. Our facility has been remodeled and expanded to better serve the needs and appetites of our students, faculty and staff.

The North Coast Grill and Deli will be open for orientation from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Aug. 20 and 21. The regular scheduled hours of operations will resume from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday beginning Aug. 22, 2016 with broadened menus which include new items such as the Wicked Tuna Sandwich, Spicy Thai Salad, Cajun Turkey Burger, Aloo Tikki (Potato) Burger, daily specials and much more. We are also featuring a new WOK Express Meal.

The week of Aug. 29  we will be having a grand opening with grand opening specials.

Continuous Improvement Connection

"Kata" is a martial arts term that defines a routine deliberately practiced daily by an individual until it becomes habitual. It is also used in Lean and Continuous Improvement as a tool to develop professional, organizational and creative habits. Practice makes perfect and we always want to strive for perfection. 

When tasks or ideas are repeated over and over, the brain creates new links and it becomes normal to us over time. If kept up, it is amazing to see the changes one can make in how they approach different situations and how that change can stick. As the start of the fall semester approaches, think about the things that need to be done every day that sometimes fall through the cracks. Commit to a daily "kata" to practice. Let it become habit and watch as you are no longer worried about problem "x."

To learn more about Lean and continuous improvement, check out the Office of Continuous Improvement webpage or contact us at 7-3180 or

Funds Available for Visiting Women and Minority Lecturers/Scholars

Michigan Tech is offering grants through the Visiting Women and Minority Lecturer/Scholar Series to help departments bring visiting female and minority speakers to the University.

All departments are invited to participate in these programs. Applications are due Sept. 23, 2016. Notification of awards will be made by Nov. 1, 2016.

These programs are designed to provide role models for underrepresented students and to give faculty a chance to interact with colleagues. In addition, the programs give visiting lecturers, scholars and speakers a chance to get acquainted with Michigan Tech and opportunities at this institution.

Speakers' assignments might include classroom lectures, seminars, special-guest speaking engagements, mentoring in research, or leading a summer course. The visiting scholar, lecturer or speaker must be a woman and/or Hispanic American, African American or Native American. Speakers' 
assignments would include at least one informal meeting with students and at least one lecture, workshop or seminar for Michigan Tech students. 

For more information, see Visiting Women and Minority Series or contact Susan Sullivan at 7-3310 or

In the News

WBUP-TV 10 (ABC) covered a ceremony in which Michigan Tech was honored as a gold-level Veteran-Friendly School. The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency made the presentation at the University on Wednesday, Aug. 17. See the story here.


WJMN TV-UP Matters (CBS) and WLUC TV6 (NBC) broadcast stories on Michigan Tech's Great Lakes research on a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) vessel.