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Joe Turpeinen in a hardhat and reflective vest outside a construction site.

Insider View—Construction Management

Joe Turpeinen

Growing up I was always fascinated with buildings, structures, and the people who got to create them. It was that personal motivation that pushed me to get my associates degree in Civil Engineering Technology from Michigan Tech in 1999. I came back to Michigan Tech when they morphed the Civil Engineering Technology program into Construction Management and graduated with my bachelor’s degree in 2009.

The senior project and structures courses I took while continuing my education were rigorous, but the professors taught students in a way that mimicked the real-world. The professors taught me what I needed to know and why without over-emphasizing math and science. In my senior project, the professor pushed me and my group to complete things, like bids and designs, in short time periods just like in the real world of construction. The structures course taught me the logical way to think through whether or not a design will function properly.

I feel like there is no field more rewarding. Yes, the Construction Management field is fast paced and intense, but what you produce is visual. When I go to work, I can see the progress of my project and see the impact it has on everyone around me. It makes everything worthwhile.

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