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Computer Network and System Administration—Insider View

Matthew Wilson sitting at a desk with a laptop.

Matthew Wilson

When I came to Michigan Tech as a first-year, I was undecided about my major. I started out in the School of Business, but when I was done with classes, I would spend most of my free-time fooling around on my computer. I soon realized that computers were my passion, so I changed to Computer Network and System Administration in the School of Technology.

One of the best parts about the CNSA program is the variety of courses ranging from programming to cyber ethics to system administration and network engineering—they prepare students for a career in nearly any computer-related direction. This wide variety of courses primed me with the skills I needed to work as an intern for Presidio Trust in San Francisco, a small federal organization that oversees Presidio National Park. On the job, I was the main point-of-contact for the help desk and handled most of the IT-related service calls for the park.

Since graduating from Michigan Tech, I have had two jobs in my field. In my first position, I served as a network engineer. I now work for Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions as a security engineer contractor for GE Aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio. In my current position, I work with a team that handles any Advanced Persistent Threats against GE Aviation.

Both at my internship and in my career field, my colleagues are consistently impressed with all of my background knowledge and my ability to hit the ground running. When I was at Michigan Tech, I didn’t necessarily appreciate the hands-on experience I got. After working in the field for two years, it’s obvious to me that the CNSA program is light years ahead of most schools where people get a traditional computer science degree and then go on to pursue a CNSA-like career. There are so many diverse topics and classes that you will have no trouble finding something you are passionate about!

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