Industrial Robotics Training


Michigan Technological University is a FANUC Authorized Certified Education Training Facility that is able to provide training to academic and industry representatives. Michigan Tech collaborates with FANUC to support their goal of "Partnering with Education" to help meet the growing demand for the skilled workforce needed in all aspects of today's manufacturing. A FANUC certified instructor conducts all training at Michigan Tech and is committed to quality of teaching and providing the best learning experience. Our Robotics Laboratory is equipped with several FANUC industrial robots and classroom computers have FANUC Robotics ROBOGUIDE simulation software available for students to practice.

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Training Courses Available

Robot Operations (16 hours) (1.5 CEU)

Course Description:
This course is intended for the person who operates or may be required to perform maintenance on a System R-J or higher controller with a standard application software package. It covers the tasks and procedures needed to reach the course goals with both classroom instruction and hands-on training. The course does not address the set-up and operation of specific software features and options.

The course consists of lectures, demonstrations, and a series of lab exercises
designed to reinforce what the student has learned. In addition to lab exercises, a pre-test and post-test are used to measure mastery of objectives.

Course Objectives:  

  • Operate the Teach Pendant
  • Navigate the Controller Software
  • Power up and Jog the Robot
  • Power down the Robot
  • Perform all Jog Methods:
    • WORLD
    • TOOL
    • USER
    • JOINT
  • Recover from common program and robot faults
  • Execute production operations
  • Execute a MACRO program
  • Create, modify and execute a teach pendant program
    • Touchup program points
    • Teach motion instructions
  • Monitor I/O signals
  • Backup and restore individual programs and files

Prerequisites: None

Seats: 12

Cost: $742

2014 Dates:
May 30-31
July 11-12
August 22-23
September 13-14
October 11-12
November 28-29
December 13-14

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Handling Tool Operation and Programming (32 hours)* (3.0 CEU)

Course Description: 

This course covers the tasks that an operator, technician, engineer or programmer needs to set up and program a FANUC Robotics HandlingTool Software Package. 

Course Objectives:  

  • Operate the Teach Pendant
  • Navigate the Controller Software
  • Power up and Jog the Robot
  • Perform all Jog Methods
  • Recover from common program and robot faults
  • Execute production operations
  • Perform Frame setup
  • Create, modify and execute a material handling program
  • Understand all Programming Instructions
  • Understand all Positional Information (CARTESIAN vs. JOINT)
  • Understand all Motion Types (JOINT, LINEAR, CIRCULAR)
  • Create, set up and execute MACROs
  • Configure, Monitor, Force, and Simulate Input and Output Signals
  • Perform Standard Backup and restore programs and files
  • Create an Image Backup and restore the Image file from the Image Backup

Course Delivery: 

Registered students will be provided with on-line modules four (4) weeks prior to the training. Hands-on 16-hour training will be conducted at Michigan Tech and will consist of 12 laboratory exercises. In addition to lab exercises, a pre-test and post-test are used to measure mastery of objectives. 

Prerequisites: None

Seats: 12

Cost: $1,420

2014 Dates:
April 12-13
May 24-25
June 28-29
July 19-20
August 16-17
September 20-21
October 18-19
November 22-23
December 19-20

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* 32 Hours (16 hours on-line + 16 hours hands-on training)

HandlingPRO Intro Robotic Workcell Simulation (ROBOGUIDE) (8 hours) (0.75 CEU)

Course Description: 

This course will provide procedures for creating a HandlingPRO virtual workcell. When completed, the workcell created will contain a FANUC robot with end-of-arm tooling, one or more fixtures for holding a part and a robot TPP Program which moves the part from one fixture to the other.

Course Objectives: One Day Course (HandlingPRO Intro)

  • Create a new workcell
  • Edit the robot properties
  • Add a part to the workcell
  • Add End-of-Arm Tooling to the robot
  • Add a pick fixture to the workcell
  • Add a place fixture to the workcell
  • Create/run a robot program
  • Run production in step-by-step and continuous modes
  • Create an AVI of the workcell

Prerequisite: HandlingTool Operation and Programming OR Robot Operations course

Seats: 15

Cost: $376

2014 Dates: 
June 1
July 13
August 24
November 30
December 21

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A continuing education unit (CEU) is a measure used in continuing education programs.

All the robotics training courses offered at Michigan Tech are in compliance with courses offered at FANUC Robotics with the course content being identical. Upon fulfilling all the course requirements, students receive a FANUC certificate of course completion.

Instructor Contact:


Thank you for an excellent experience of learning the basics of the Fanuc robots. The knowledge you demonstrated, your preparation to adapt the course to fit the needs of what needed to be covered, and tailor the training to our knowledge level as well as Comco USA's business needs, made the 2 days spent there an extreme value to both me and my company (Comco USA).

It always shows when an instructor believes and enjoys what they are teaching.  I believe your training would be a great value to anyone wanting to learn how to operate the Fanuc robots.

David Mitchell, Service Engineer, Comco USA


I really enjoyed the training, as well as the city and the surrounding area.

I am very impressed with the professionalism and dedication you have.  The training was packed with the tools I needed to succeed.  The theoretical content, along with the hands-on practice in Michigan Tech's Electrical Engineering Technology lab, gave me the confidence I was looking for.

I really liked your approach to the course, starting from emphasizing the safety aspects related to robot operations. The outline of the course was designed to get you into the robotic programming field in a continuous gradient, so I made huge steps in just two days of training.  I definitely would not hesitate on taking more training at Michigan Tech.

Douglas Torres, Assistant Service Mgr. / Service Engineer, Comco USA Inc. - Nashville Office