Labs and Facilities

Featured Labs and Shops

The School of Technology curriculum emphasizes lab experience. Students have access to spaces equipped with the latest industry-standard technology, allowing for a smooth transition from college to the workplace. Peruse the list below and see what we have in store for you.

Machine Shop

The School of Technology maintains a Machine Shop with comprehensive learning facilities available to students. The shop also offers machine-fabrication services for the campus research community.

Location: Minerals and Materials 119
Contact: Nick Hendrickson, operations/facilities supervisor

Hardware Configuration Lab

Lab activities include network engineering, systems administration, and storage area network architecture. Students enrolled in a class scheduled in this lab have twenty-four-hour access.

Location: EERC 328A
Contact: Guy Hembroff

Security / Network / Programming Lab

Lab activities include computer operating system architecture, programming languages, network-security engineering and design, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), web server, Linux and Microsoft server configuration. Students enrolled in a class scheduled in this lab have twenty-four-hour access.

Location: EERC 328
Contact: Guy Hembroff

NUCOR Industrial Control and Automation Lab

Lab activities include analog and digital communications, wireless communications, robotics automation, digital system design, Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design, microprocessor architecture, programmable logic controller (PLC) design, and Senior Design projects.

Location: EERC 427
Contact: Nasser Alaraje

Circuits and Data Acquisition Lab

Lab activities include electronic devices exploration, data acquisition with LabView, digital signal processing, instrumentation, circuit analysis and simulation, printed circuit board design and fabrication, advanced circuit and control, and Senior Design projects.

Location: EERC 431
Contact: Nasser Alaraje

Power Systems Lab

Lab activities include faculty research, fluid mechanics experimentation, fluid power system integration, internal combustion engine projects, pneumatic power system integration, thermodynamics experimentation, and ergonomic workstation simulation.

Location: EERC S036
Contact: John Irwin

Materials Testing Lab

Lab activities include faculty research, heat transfer experimentation, accelerated environmental testing, hardness testing, heat treating, strain gauge instrumentation, and deflection testing.

Location: EERC S037
Contact: John Irwin

Senior Design Labs

School of Technology students enrolled in Senior Design have twenty-four-hour access to lab space designated by major. All labs are in the Electrical Energy Resource Center.

Computer Network and System AdministrationEERC 419Guy Hembroff
Electrical Engineering TechnologyEERC 418ANasser Alaraje
Mechanical Engineering TechnologyEERC S016John Irwin
Surveying EngineeringEERC 231Eugene Levin