Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Experience Tech


What happens if the events are too crowded? Will I be turned away?

If students want to guarantee admission to events on campus they should pre purchase $5 tickets to Michigan Tech Hockey games or Rozsa performances. Attendance through the Experience Tech program to all events will be on a reserved or first come first serve basis. This means that student tickets paid for in advance for will take priority.


Will the fee increase next year?

When the Experience Tech Fee was implemented in 2008 it was agreed that the program and fee would be reviewed to determine the program’s success and continuation. This review was first completed in 201l. In the Fall of 2011, the first increase in the fee took place which was $64.00 to $69.00 per semester per student. This increase in fee was instituted so the summer fee for summer students could be discontinued. There is now no summer term fee.

This fee is reevaluated on a three year rotation and has now been repeated in 2014.

The Experience Tech Fee Review Group, comprised of representatives from the Undergraduate Student Government (USG), the Graduate Student Government (GSG), faculty, and staff was formed to review the program and is recommending that the program continue with enhancements, including a revision to the fee structure. The group recommended the addition of the Michigan Tech Trails and Recreational Forest and the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts presenting series to the Experience Tech Fee portfolio. Furthermore, in acknowledgment that undergraduate students’ usage of the Experience Tech Fee is at a higher rate than that of graduate students, the group requested a differential fee. Recognizing the two additional venues as well as the increase in operational expenses since the fee was initially proposed, the group recommended that the fee be set to $74.00 per fall and spring semesters for graduate students and to $90.00 for undergraduate students. The recommended changes of the additional venues, increased fee, and differential rate for students have the support of both the USG and the GSG and was approved in May of 2014.


When do I have access to the Experience Tech venues?

You have access to the Experience Tech venues for the semester in which you have paid the fee after your enrollment is confirmed.  If you pay the fee in the fall semester you will have access that begins two Saturdays before the start of classes. If you pay the fee in the spring semester you will have access to these venues starting January 1 through the following summer sessions. If you are graduating from Michigan Tech or are not continuing your enrollment at Michigan Tech, your Experience Tech benefits remain active for Fall until Dec 31 and for Spring until August 31 following your last enrolled semester.


Why do I pay a lab fee for physical education classes at Experience Tech venues like snowboarding, skiing, or golf?

Physical education lab fees for the Experience Tech venues are greatly reduced. This small lab fee covers items like instructor time and equipment that is not at the actual venue. The Experience Tech fee does cover your use of the venue and rental equipment while at that location.


Why should I pay this fee? I'm not interested in any of the activities.

All students pay for fees as instituted by the Board of Trustees. It provides students the opportunity to experience all Michigan Tech has to offer. For more information click here.


Why are Hockey tickets limited?

Hockey tickets are limited so that faculty, staff, alumni, and the community also have an opportunity to purchase tickets and attend games.


Can we get Hockey tickets to sit by our friends if they had already purchased them, or are the tickets that are available in a certain section?

Yes! If a student would like to sit next to a friend, it is best for both the student and their friend to enter the ET student entrance at the same time.


Are tickets to the Visual and Performing Arts events limited?

No, only limited to the seating that is available.


Can I get a season pass at Mont Ripley or do I get a daily pass every time I go?

You will get a daily pass each time you visit Mont Ripley.


Are equipment rentals at Mt. Ripley ski hill included in the fee?

No, ski and snowboard rentals are not included in the fee.


Is there equipment available to rent at Gates Tennis Center or Portage Golf Course, and if so is this included in the fee?

There is equipment available for rent, but it is not included in the fee.


I would like the fee to include other athletic sporting events on campus like football, basketball, women's soccer and volleyball.

Michigan Tech students already receive free admission to football, basketball, women's soccer and volleyball. All you need is your valid Michigan Tech HuskyCard for admission to all home events!


If a student wishes not to participate in any events covered can they be exempt from the fee – if not why?

No. The fee is designed to cover costs based on total participation from the student body. If it were an optional program, we could not offer it. The fee is designed to get you more involved in campus life. Maybe you should check out some of the events that are a part of this program and see if there is anything that may interest you.


Are part-time students included in the Experience Tech program?

Yes, part-time students are included.


If a Michigan Tech employee is taking classes, are they eligible for “Experience Tech”?

University Employees receiving tuition benefit are not assessed the fee or eligible to receive the associated benefits.


If I am a dual enrolled am I eligible? What is meant by dual enrolled?

Dual enrolled means that you are still in high school, approved for the dual enrolled program and taking classes at Michigan Tech. If you are in high school and taking classes at Michigan Tech, you are eligible for Experience Tech. Please note, it is not an option for summer sessions.


What if I am an enrolled student but currently on co-op, internship, or an off-campus graduate student, can I still participate?

Yes, If you are a full-time degree seeking student currently on co-op, internship, distance learning or off-campus graduate student and would like to participate in the Experience Tech program, contact Student Billing at 487-2243 or


What if I have a spouse/partner/dependents, can they use the Experience Tech program?

If you are an enrolled student, the Experience Tech benefits are for just for you. However, your spouse/designated partner and/or dependents would have some similar benefits under the Michigan Tech Student Spouse and/or Dependent ID card program. You can find info on that here and click on the Student Spouse-Dependent tab.