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This fee complements the Student Activity Fee and provides students the opportunity to experience much more of Michigan Tech. Students have access to regularly scheduled theatre; jazz, orchestra, wind symphony, pep band and choir performances; cross-country and downhill skiing; hockey games; art gallery showings; snowboarding; year-round tennis; golfing at Portage Lake Golf Course; and Intramural sports.

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What can you Experience at Michigan Tech?

Video detailing the Experience Tech program on Michigan Tech's campus.

See the Graduate Student Government Program Review—Fall 2013.

  • 92.96%
    undergraduates report being satisfied with Experience Tech
  • 89.88%
    graduates report being satisfied with Experience Tech
  • 88.91%
    students think Experience Tech enhances life on campus
"I really enjoy the Experience Tech fee. It has made me try and do lots of things that I probably wouldn't do should I have to pay for them."Michigan Tech Student

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