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Welcome to the official website for the Michigan Tech Experience Tech initiative. Browse through the categories below to access the most up-to-date information. If you have additional questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions page or feel free to mail experiencetech@mtu.edu. Thank you for visiting!

When the Experience Tech Fee was implemented in 2008 it was agreed that the program and fee would be reviewed to determine the program’s success and continuation.  This review was first done in 2011 and has now been repeated in 2014, practicing a three-year review cycle. 

The Experience Tech Fee Review Group, comprised of representatives from the Undergraduate Student Government (USG), the Graduate Student Government (GSG), faculty, and staff was formed to review the program and is recommending that the program continue with enhancements, including a revision to the fee structure.

At the request of the students, the group is recommending the addition of the Michigan Tech Trails and Recreational Forest and the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts presenting series to the Experience Tech Fee portfolio.  Furthermore, in acknowledgment that undergraduate students’ usage of the Experience Tech Fee is at a higher rate than that of graduate students, the group is requesting a differential fee.

Recognizing the two additional venues as well as the increase in operational expenses since the fee was initially proposed, the group is recommending that the fee be set to $74.00 per fall and spring semesters for graduate students and to $90.00 for undergraduate students.

The recommended changes of the additional venues, increased fee, and differential rate for students have the support of both the USG and the GSG.

Click HERE for the Graduate Student Government Program Review - Fall 2013.

Experience Tech Benefits

Mont Ripley Ski Hill

Mont Ripley is already highly favored among Michigan Tech students. During the 2007-2008 season students purchased over 925 season passes and upwards of 3000 daily passes. And now with recent additions such as the Copper Hoist chair lift and several new snow guns, skiing and snowboarding at Ripley is at it's best. So go ahead, tear up the slopes.

If you have never skied or snowboarded and would like instruction, Michigan Tech offers several physical education courses where beginners and the experienced can receive weekly lessons.


What it covers:
The fee includes access to Mont Ripley ski hill (when there's snow on the ground of course) and one 50% discount on ski or snowboard daily rental package.


The hill can safely support 1000 users at a given time, and to make sure that we are within that limit students are required to sign in (swipe your ID card) at the chalet before hitting the slopes. At that time you will be given a day pass, which means that every time you want to use the hill you must visit the chalet to get a pass.


Visit the Mont Ripley website for more information.

Check out the Welcome to Mont Ripley video

Gates Tennis Center

Come and play tennis at the newly renovated Gates Tennis Center! Enjoy a set or two on the recently resurfaced indoor courts, and with over 1000 court hours available each month, playing tennis year-round has never been this easy. Your fee also covers one hour non-student court rental.


Just call 906-487-2073 to make a reservation. Bring your non-marking tennis shoes or purchase a pair at the desk! Simply bring your valid Tech ID and the attendant will point you to your court.

For additional information on hours, rental rates, and reservation policies please see the Gates Tennis Center website.

Portage Lake Golf Course

Dust off your clubs, it's time to go golfing. The course usually opens around the May 1 and stays open into October. If you have always wanted to golf but never got around to it, or if you want instruction to improve your swing, Michigan Tech offers several Physical Education courses ranging from the beginner up to advanced players. Student renal clubs available for $5.00.


For information about proper golf etiquette, please visit the USGA website.


Visit this website or call 906-487-2641 to book your tee time and don't forget to bring your Tech ID with you. Please see the official Portage Lake Golf Course website for further details on rates, location, course information, and policies.

Huskies Hockey

A block of 750 seats available in sections J - O are held for Experience Tech students. Your valid Michigan Tech ID will gain you access to the John MacInnes Ice arena student entrance (northwest corner of arena near the double doors leading to Portage Health) one hour prior to each home hockey game. Seats will be available on a first come first serve basis.


Your valid Michigan Tech ID will gain you access to the John MacInnes Ice arena student entrance one hour prior to each home hockey game. Seats are first come first serve in predesignated sections marked Experience Tech Seats.  If a student would like to sit next to a friend, it is best for both the student and their friend to enter the ice arena at the same time.

What if all 750 E.T. Seats are Claimed?

In the past, when the block of 750 reserved Experience Tech hockey seats ran out, those still wanting to purchase a student hockey ticket were charged up to $12. However, the Athletic Department is continuing to offer $5 student tickets for the 2013-14 regular season as a carry over from the 12-13 season . As long as reserved seating is still available on the student half (North side) of the arena, you will receive a reserved seat for $5 after Experience Tech tickets are gone. Once reserved seating is sold out, you will receive a standing room ticket until those are sold out at which time all ticket sales stop per fire code.

Regardless of whether the seat you pick is an Experience Tech seat or a purchased $5 student ticket, you will be required to show your valid student Michigan Tech ID at the time you pick up your ticket, and at the entrance on game night.

Note: Michigan Tech Students can still purchase season tickets if they would like to be guaranteed the same seat location for every home game at a low price of $175 (a savings of 37% over the general public price).

Intramural Sports

The Intramural-Sports program has been an integral part of the Michigan Tech experience since the early 1970’s. Over the years we have offered a variety of recreational activities for the Michigan Tech student body. We continue to improve and expand our recreational services and facilities. We strive to be innovative and creative in satisfying the recreational needs of the student body.

What it covers:

Free IM-Sports program (no entry fees)


Due to restriction of ice time, ice hockey will be restricted to 50 teams (there were 29 teams in 2011).
A deposit is required to help reduce forfeits (please see Deposit/Forfeit Policy below).

Deposit/Forfeit Fee Policy


Because the true purpose of intramurals is participation, forfeits cannot be tolerated. Team managers are responsible for providing enough players for their team so forfeits do not occur. If extra players are needed, a list is available on our website, IMleagues.com/MTU, of individuals who are seeking to be on a team. The IM office must be contacted as soon as possible if a team is forced to forfeit a game.

Forfeit Fee:

The only sport to be charged a prepaid forfeit fee will be ice hockey. The charge will be $150. This fee must be paid when the team manager registers their team. The full amount will be refunded if the team does not forfeit any games. The charge for a forfeit in ice hockey is $75.00. Forfeit fees are to be picked up at the Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology Office at the conclusion of the season. Team managers will be emailed the information on collecting the fee.

For all other Intramural leagues (3 or 5 game round robin tournament), if a team forfeits a game they will be charged $10.00.

The supervisor will fill out a form that a forfeit has occurred. He/she will put it in the folder with the score sheets. The director in charge of that sport will contact (email or phone) the team manager the following morning. A designated team member must come up to the Central Ticket Office where they will pay. If the fee is not paid by the designated time the team will be dropped from the league and not participate in any IM sports until their fee is paid.


1st forfeit: $10.00 to remain in the league.

2nd forfeit: Dropped from the league. Must pay the $10.00 to play in any other IM sports.

Paying the fee does not cancel the forfeit. It is still a forfeit. Two forfeits and the team is dropped from league play and playoffs.


DAY FORFEIT OCCURREDMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
DEADLINE TO PAYTuesday @ 3:00 PMWednesday @ 3:00 PMThursday @ 3:00 PMFriday @ 3:00 PMMonday @ 3:00 PMMonday @ 3:00 PMMonday @ 3:00 PM

Forfeit Time:

Game time is forfeit time! At game time the clock timing the contest will be started. At this time, the offended team is given the option to take the victory or wait up to 10 minutes for the other team and play the game. Once the decision is made by the offended captain, it may not be reversed and the outcome of the contest will stand. Any time consumed by waiting for a team shall be taken off the time allotted for the game.
In the event that neither team is ready to play at the designated starting time, a double forfeit will be declared.

Visit the Intramurals-Recreational Sports Services website for more information.

Visual and Performing Arts Department Events

Admission to Visual and Performing Arts performances are a part of the Experience Tech program. One non-student admission to EACH Visual and Performing Arts Performance (approx. 26 per year) is also included.

Events take place both at the Rozsa Center and the McArdle Theatre. Tickets can be ordered for all events at several different locations: the Central Ticket Office located at the Student Development Complex; the Rozsa Center (2 hours prior to each performance); the McArdle Theatre (1 hour prior to each performance); online at www.tickets.mtu.edu; the Kiosk in the Memorial Union Building and the Rozsa Center Lobby. For more information please contact the Visual and Performing Arts Department at (906) 487-2067 or the Central Ticket Office at (906) 487-2073 or email tickets@mtu.edu.


Visit the Visual and Performing Arts website for more information!

Outdoor Adventure Program

The Outdoor Adventure Program is publicly founded by the Experience Tech fee. Michigan Technological University being located in Houghton in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the Keweenaw Peninsula, is a prime location for outdoor adventure, and the OAP wants to get you outside and active!

We help connect students to the outdoors through guided trips, leadership training, information sessions, equipment rental, and by working closely with student organizations to help advertise and program events. We have been busy working hard to bring students excellent outdoor opportunities.

Each person who has paid the Experience Tech fee also gets 1 day snowshoe rental!  You must visit OAP in person with your Tech ID to take advantage of the offer.

You can also get access to Nordic ski equipment rental for the Recreational Trails. 

Visit www.oap.mtu.edu for more information.


Wellness programming is partially paid for by the Experience Tech fee.

Visit the Wellness website for more information.