President's Council on Health and Wellness

Official Charge:

The President's Council on Health and Wellness is charged with providing oversight and coordination for education and events for students that promote and embrace a wellness lifestyle; ensuring that a comprehensive prevention program is provided for students that addresses high risk behaviors as a result of alcohol and other drug use; and submitting and reviewing information on required alcohol and other drug compliance issues.

Goals for the President's Council on Health and Wellness for 2014-2015:

  • Have a student(s) consistently sit in on meetings and give input
  • Invite USG/GSG members to meetings to improve collaboration and to learn about programming needs
  • Get a review panel together to go over the alcohol and Other Drug Policy
  • Design a framework as to what Michigan Tech's Comprehensive Alcohol and Other Drug education program looks like

 Campus Clarity: Think About It

All new Michigan Tech students are required to complete Campus Clarity: Think About It-a comprehensive foundation in four areas; sex in college, partying smart, sexual violence, and healthy relationships.  Whether or not all these scenarios apply to you, Think About It will provide simple strategies for keeping yourself and others safe.  Beginning August 1st an email will be sent to you permitting you access to the course.  If you did not receive an email on August 1st please go to to access the course using your Michigan Tech email.