Student Affairs and Advancement

Student Training Committee

Student Affairs and Advancement Student Training Task Force has developed a set of training modules to be used in conjunction with individual department training for all student staff that work in Student Affairs and Advancement. The goal of the training is for every new student staff member in Student Affairs and Advancement to have a holistic training experience that will provide them with foundational skills and knowledge to represent all of Student Affairs and Advancement, as well as provide them with professional development they can apply in future employment opportunities. You might think of this as the "general education" for Student Affairs and Advancement student staff and the specific training provided in each department as the major specific portion. The program was introduced in the fall of 2007. Based on feedback we receive from presenters and students, we will continue to make changes to the modules as needed.

The training is approximately two hours in length and will be covered in one morning, afternoon, or evening. Beverages and light bakery will be served at the morning and afternoon session. Pizza, dessert and beverages will be served at the evening session.

Please contact Lynda Heinonen or Jennifer Biekkola to answer any questions you may have.

Training Sessions

Fall Training Session

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Ballroom, Memorial Union Building
5:45 p.m. (Pizza, Dessert, Refreshments), 6:00 p.m training