Mission and Goals

Student Affairs and Advancement plays a significant role in preparing Michigan Tech graduates to make a difference in our world. We seek direction from our mission, vision, and values to provide innovative student-centered activities, programs and services; promote civic engagement and responsibility; and develop strong leadership and team-building capabilities, critical thinking, and ethical awareness.

Our Mission

We prepare students to create the future and we make their success our highest priority.

Our Vision

Create Possibilities. Inspire Learning. Exceed Expectations.

Our Values

The success of Michigan Tech students is the most important measure of our progress.  Given this, we are committed to inspiring:

  • An engaged community that actively seeks improvement through acceptance and understanding.
  • Students to achieve world-class scholarship through academics, research, and continued learning.
  • The exploration and creation of all possibilities through innovative use of their skills and knowledge.
  • Individuals to hold themselves accountable, and to act with integrity, honesty, and diligence.
  • The tenacity required to make ethical choices and to persevere through all obstacles.

Our learning outcomes

Students engaged in programs, initiatives, and experiences offered by Student Affairs and Advancement will:

  • Understand and act as ethically and civically engaged leaders.
  • Develop communication skills necessary to adapt and engage effectively in groups.
  • Acquire and demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability.
  • Obtain and apply intercultural knowledge to thrive in our global society.
  • Exhibit a sense of pride and affinity for Michigan Tech.


Our goals for 2014-2015

Concurrent with the 2015 strategic plan review and in alignment with the plan, the following goals and strategies have been defined for 2014-15.

  • Recruit, support, retain and recognize the best and brightest people.
    • Transform search committees into recruitment committees designed for talent acquisition.
    • Implement clearly defined professional development plans for all exempt staff.
  • Refocus and examine how we use our time so we have opportunities and space to think, explore possibilities, and be creative and visionary.
    • Create intentional opportunities for staff to find time to be innovative, mindful and focused.
    • Embrace and encourage reading group like activities that promote discussion.
  • Continue to build and emphasize a campus-wide culture of philanthropy.
    • Create a team to define and develop a plan to build a culture of philanthropy with measurable goals.
    • Ensure that messaging is present on 100% of visible endeavors.
    • Work with the student philanthropy council and MTSF to pilot a plan for students.
    • Provide fundraising training/education for deans/chairs/coordinators.
    • Infuse philanthropy into everything we do and strive to incorporate related messaging.
    • Institute a campus-wide culture of philanthropy development committee.>
  • Communicate the Michigan Tech brand, share our story and affirm the value of the message.
    • Continue to create awareness and education about the Lifecycle of Engagement; build upon this and celebrate successes as they come.
    • Invest in programs that support our brand.
    • Simpson Scarborough info shared/plan developed.
    • Explore the possibility of Michigan Tech Story Corps.
    • Develop a Michigan Tech elevator speech for advancement and others traveling.
  • Leverage the data we have and collect to help us make intentional and informed decisions.
    • Explore our learning outcomes and the intentionality of learning and the correlation of learning of our work.
    • NSSE/CIRP/Student Satisfaction- plan to drive decisions- hire an analyst to help us discern how to utilize.
    • Identify one initiative that has broad impact to move forward on.
    • Implement CDI/Advancement external review recommendations; reexamine previous reviews to assess progress made.
  • Embrace and promote collaborative opportunities to partner with others (Honors and IT).
    • Develop collaborative initiatives with HC.
    • Training for IT, strategizing IT future.
  • Reaffirm our commitment to the importance of diversity and its educational benefits.
    • Work with the Diversity Council to define diversity for our campus that will server as a foundation for planning.
    • Incorporate a diversity and inclusion goal into the Student Affairs and Advancement Annual Report.
  • Meet or exceed all of the University metrics within out purview - enrollment, ACT, retention, fundraising.