Section 245

Section A: Annual Operating Budget

FY 2016-2017 General Fund Budget
Operating Revenues
    Tuition and Fees $135,439,845
    Federal Grants and Contracts $150,000
    Indirect Cost Recoveries $12,426,000
    Educational Activities/Misc. Revenues $118,020
    Total Operating Revenues $148,133,865
Operating Expenses
    Staff S&W ($36,657,417)
    Faculty S&W ($47,601,967)
    Grad Student S&W ($4,421,310)
    Undergrad Student S&W ($1,008,187)
    Fringe Benefits ($32,447,269)
    Supplies & Services ($17,568,191)
    Scholarships ($39,361,489)
    Utlities ($4,072,792)
    Carryforward/Contingency Reserve ($4,800,000)
    Total Operating Expenses ($187,938,621)
    Mandatory/Non-Mandatory ($13,157,444)
    Total Transfers ($13,157,444)
Nonoperating Revenues (Expenses)
    State Appropriations $47,179,700
    Gift Income $4,527,500
    Investment Income $255,000
    Total Nonoperating Revenues (Expenses) $52,962,200
Net Income (Loss) $0

Section B: Summary of Current Expenditures

General Fund Expenditures

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