Academic Integrity Committee

Reports to:

Vice President for Student Affairs and Advancement


Hears cases involving academic misconduct by students and renders decisions on the student's responsibility or innocence with regards to the allegations against him/her.


Composed of six faculty members serving staggered three year terms, five full-time undergraduate students, five graduate students, and two student affairs professionals. The faculty members will be chosen from the faculty at large by the University Senate. The five undergraduates shall be chosen from the undergraduate student body by the Undergraduate Student Government. The five graduate students shall be chosen from the graduate student body by the Graduate Student Council. The two student affairs professionals will be chosen by the Dean of Student Affairs.




Term Expires

Radheeshyam Tewari Mechanical Eng - Eng Mechanics 8/31/2020
Rob Bishop Academic & Community Conduct  
Chris (Kit) Cischke Electrical & Computer Eng. 8/31/2020
Brett Hamlin Engineering Fundamentals 8/31/2019
Radheshyam Tewari (Senate) Mechanical Eng-Eng Mechanics 8/31/2020
Syd Johnson Humanities 08/31/2019
Joel Tuoriniemi School of Business & Economics  
Stanley Vitton Civil Engineering  
Laura Putwen Academic and Community Conduct  
Laura Bunzendahl-Bulleit Dean of Students  
Bonnie Gorman Dean of Students  
Katie Cooper Housing and Residential Life  
Margaret Landsparger Testing Center Coordinator  
Bill Roberts Office of Advancement  
Jenn Sams J.R. Van Pelt & Opie Library  
Andrew Miles Financial Aid  
Kelli Raffaelli Center for Diversity & Inclusion  
Evonne Allard Undergraduate Student  
Darien Benner Undergraduate Student  
Clarence Hardwick Undergraduate Student  
Hugh Stanton Undergraduate Student  
Chester Winfield Undergraduate Student  
Priscilla Addison Graduate Student  
Nathaniel Ford Graduate Student  
Mackenzie Perttu Graduate Student  
Jaya Yellajosula Graduate Student