University Standing Committees

Campus Climate Committee

Committee Charge: 

Work to implement a campus climate survey, this committee will provide imput on survey design, assist in analyzing survey results, determine those issues that are a challenge for Michigan Tech, formulate recommendations for the university community.

Task Force Activities:

  • TBD





Reports To:

Vice President for Administration

Committee Members:

  • Lori Weir, Director of Administrative Services and Projects
  • Adrienne Minerick, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation in the College of Engineering
  • Jill Hodges, Executive Director Institutional Equity
  • Ameya Narkar, Biomedical Engineering Advisor
  • Anita Quinn, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Administration
  • Brenda Anttila, Office Assistant, Institutional Equity & Inclusion
  • Gail North, Business Intelligence Developer, Information Technology
  • Janet Hayden, Executive Director—Risk Management and Compliance
  • Kellie Raffaelli, Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Nancy Bamm
  • Susan Liebau, Director, Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success
  • Theresa Coleman-Kaiser, Senior Associate Vice President for Administration
  • Pushpalatha Murthy, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
  • Yu Cai, Assistant Professor in the School of Technology
  • Zoe Miller, Environmental Engineering Advisor
  • Andrew Storer, School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  • David Flaspohler, School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  • Ian Repp, Director, University Marketing and Communications
  • John Lehman, Associate Vice President, Enrollment and University Relations