Rejuvenations My little crumb of Tech history started long ago as youngster taking in all the actions, words, mannerisms, kindness, and strength of a man long now departed. My father a Tech Grad inspired many but maybe no one more than myself. I barely succeeded during my days at Tech, I simply had far too much fun, but that too was chiseled into my being. My parents, my dad, MTU and friends taught me enormous lessons in sharing, in fun, in work, and in life. Strong work ethics, being a parent, husband or mom are not derived from cells and chromosomes but from studious awareness of how things are done around you. Watching and learning those around me and including those at Michigan Tech, it’s professors, it’s students, my friends, and colleagues and those far better than myself have all played a huge role. I have been blessed with many such great teachers, parents, peers, and friends. Some of the teachings, I might add, not as productive as others but just as important, floating Willis for example may not have been one of our smartest moves, juvenile to say the least. I must have been far more observant during the fun stuff. The term rejuvenation when broken down “Re- Junvenile-ation” has a core of returning to a Juvenile state. I’m pretty good at it, I return to “Tech land” almost yearly to “re-Juvenile” myself, fishing like a kid with no set dinner time, water skiing, tubing, swimming, golfing and of course the waist-line dreaded “smores” every night over the camp fire to list a few. When was the last time you tried skinny dipping after dark in the Portage after a cool rain, the waters warm, give it a try. Life simply slows down about 13 notches in Tech Land. Some magical, transcending, age re-defining transformation begins just north of Baraga on US41. The modern day worries many of us continuously drag around like big rocks fade, they become sand granules between our toes, still attached but far less heavy and burdensome. This is what Rejuvenation is all about – slowing down, re-locating the problems, issues, and worries to a remote location even for a short time. I recommend putting them between your toes, take a nap, and wake up later with a smile.rn Friends from those past times are far more important and precious in these days, yet they are seldom seen, nor are hugs felt as often as they should be. We all have good intentions but rarely make the time. We should do better. We will not be around forever, and I will try my best in this regard, but sadly will most likely fail. A challenge for you, and consider this to be my call to you – take action, rejuvenate yourself, or as I do, “re-juvenile”, and bring a squirt gun in 2013, remember -no rules on LAZE Acres, but wipe the sand from your toes before coming in. Sincerely,Tippy Lanern(You can contact me at my usual place, on top of a ski lift, somewhere west of the Mississippi)
Michael lane ’88