I remember when Broomball was introduced at Tech. It was 1962 for the Winter Carnival. There was no League at that time. It was a 1 day event, Round-Robin Tournament at Dee Stadium (and a couple of Bars up the hill between Games).The various Groups and Fraternities each formed Teams and a group of us Canadians formed the "Untouchables" Team and went un-defeated in the Tournament. See item on Broomball in the 1962 Tech Yearbook!!! I remember Gerry Smith and I going up and down the Businesses in Houghton asking for old Brooms so we could cut them down,tape them up and supply our team. By the time we finished all of our matches I had two swollen knees that looked like cabbages(No shin/knee pads). Some of the Team that played Hockey at Tech at the time wore shin/knee pads, lucky them.
John W Smith ’62