Started at Tech in 1968, graduating in 1972 so bridged 2 decades. Co-ed dorm (now McNair) was the only facility for girls and there were enough of us to fill 2 floors on the west side of the west unit. Each floor had 4 phones near the bathrooms for use. We later got phones installed in all the rooms which was real luxury - the whole floor didn't know your conversation then! Ratio was 12:1 in 1968 and 9:1 in 1972. The dorm locked at 11 PM. Campus riots were happening all over the country, especially Berkeley, Calif. but we were too busy taking tests and studying. Some students tried to get a rally going on the Union steps but it fizzled.

The biochem building was brand new and we were all wondering when it would slide into the canal. Of course, it's still standing. And the greenhouse was new. There were no girls' sports, only gym classes. We'd borrow bear paw snowshoes for $.50 to hike on the weekends. We'd also hike around the stamp sands. K-Day was at the state park in Copper Harbor which was a challenge because not that many had cars, so we'd fill each car to capacity. And of course, most of us had chemistry with Doc Berry. First lecture he told us "1/3 of you will not pass this course" and we'd study like crazy for his class. And in calculus class 80-100 was an A, 60-80 was a B, 40-60 was a C . . . ! Walking from Co-ed Dorm to classes the gals got heckled from Wadsworth. The guys would yell out their windows "cow-ed" and worse. You either ignored it or developed a sense of humor.
Jane Raymond-Wood ’72