Probably one of my favorite memories of being a quad player in the pep band had to be Homecoming during my second year as a student... The parade started at the citgo station just down US 41 from campus. We walked all the way to the Rosza parking lot for the usual pep rally. Upon finishing the pep rally, we were asked to go play for the football team inside the Wadsworth dining hall while they eat dinner. Being the pep band and liking to push things to the limits, we then proceeded to walk around all of Wadsworth hall while continuing playing. While this sounds like an epic story of pep band randomness, the reason it was my favorite memory doesn't come until the end. When we finally stopped playing, and I got a chance to look down at my drums, I realized that I had broken not one, but several drum heads. I shamefully walked up to the pep band director, Nick Enz and said "...Nick?" He turned around, took one look at my drums and said "I Hate You." then continued loading the band wagon. Because I am notorious for breaking drum heads, the entire Concussion section got a good laugh out of that one. To this day, if ANY drum head is broken, I am always the one blamed for it, even if I am 600 miles away on an internship. ;)
Stephanie Haselhuhn ’13