I have two great memories of Gene. The first one was a trip I took with some other students and Dr. Hesterburg to U of W, Stevens Point for a Society of American Forester regional meeting. (I had to get permission from my soils instructor Glenn Mroz to miss his lab.) After the meeting was over the other students that came from Tech went out and sampled some of the night life that Stevens Point had to offer. By the time we got back to the single hotel room we obtained Gene was already in bed sound asleep. The next morning when we were getting up to leave Gene had a comment on how the sleeping arrangements ended up. He told us students that he was under the impression that he had smarter students studying forestry at Tech. He thought that one of us would be smart enough to get into bed with him instead of all of us sleeping on the floor. I need to thank Dr. Mroz for allowing me to go to this meeting and having a great memory of a great teacher and great man.
Pete BAKER ’80