My first arrival at tech was in the Fall 1968. I was starting my Freshman year, coming from Saudi Arabia and just completed my Extensive English course in a Midwestern city before coming to Tech. The Mechanical Engineering Building construction was in the foundation stage, and while wandering around watching the the construction activity on my way, an elder man, in his fifties was standing next to me said hello! He was so nice to me as new foreign student. He asked where are you from? I said from Saudi Arabia. He said you don't have snow in your country. I said that is right. He noticed,while we were waking in the same direction,and we were in the beginning of October,that my clothing were light & not fit for snow which is to begin in few weeks. He advised me to get ready for the winter and the heavy snow; get overcoat & boots or snow shoes to protect you from cold and slippery. He then asked me what is your major? I said Mining Engineering(before I Changed to Metallurgy). He said Oh! I was teaching Mining Engineering before. I was surprised and asked what are you doing now? He said I am the President of Michigan Tech and My name is Ray Smith. I was really more surprised, and admired of that man for his humble character and for his kindness and simplicity, and for guidance to me in that day which I will never forget for all my life,and realized that he was a great leader, which he was during his service to the Tech.
Mubarak M. Al-Kahtany ’72