In 1970, my freshman year, Michigan Tech had a very good football team. We had a home game with Bemidji State and The Lode reported in the lead-up to the game that the visitors had a kicker who drop-kicked extra points and field goals. I'd never seen a drop-kick tried in an actual game at any level -- and neither had any one else I knew -- so a lot of us were looking forward to seeing this. There was a bigger than usual crowd at the game and I recall we did see the Bemidji kicker drop-kick in warm ups.
But when the game started, it was very one-sided. Bemidji never got close to our goal until very late in the game, when they already trailed by something like 35-0. When they finally did manage a touchdown, they went for a two-point conversion.
It was a Husky win, but we didn't see a drop-kick. In fact, I never did see one until Doug Flutie made a drop-kicked extra point in his final game with New England a few years back.
Pat Tearney ’74