In addition to my wonderful memories as a "Moma's Boy" (East co-ed hall 4th floor) and perennial Class B Winter Carnival champs I have fond memories of 3 professors. The venerable Doc Berry and his Chem courses were memorable. He had charisma and presentation skills to keep everyone in Fisher Hall interested and keen to learn. His unannounced pop quizzes also helped with attendance and the need to pay attention. Physics prof Dave Chimeno was also great. His first drawing of the perfect circle on a chalk board created a stir, and his demos/experiments were always entertaining. Demonstrating the conservation of angular momentum by spinning himself on a turntable by turning into a spinning blur was cool, as was his frictionless track, and air rifles. But the best one was when he had a shot put (16 pound) suspended from the ceiling as a pendulum and backed himself against the wall the held the ball to his nose. He released it knowing full well that the ball's return trip would be infinitesimally less, but the class let out a gasp as it appeared surely to crush his head. Richard Bayer (questionable spelling) was an automotive engineering prof in ME-EM who always good for an interesting story from his WWII days in the south Pacific.
John Beck ’80