Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech

Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech is a digital repository offering worldwide access to research, scholarship, campus publications and other creative works by members of the Michigan Tech community. This repository is a service of the Van Pelt and Opie Library

The repository provides and preserves access to many types of documents and publications, from articles and reports, to books, journals, conference proceedings, and other creative works. Access to content can be open to the public, or restricted by Michigan Tech ISO login, where desirable.

The library manages a project-based approach for building the repository in order to explore technical and metadata requirements, intellectual property issues and develop time frames. For more information on how to develop a project for depositing work in Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech, see the Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech Project Procedures.

Current projects include: 

  • Michigan Tech master’s reports, master’s theses, and dissertations
  • Publications of Michigan Tech faculty and research staff
  • A celebration of Winter Carnival with Michigan Tech Lode Pictorials
  • Michigan Tech patents

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs)

Very few institutions, including Michigan Tech, can afford access to theses and dissertations from other universities. For this reason, open, digital repositories such as Digital Commons are an important step in supporting the open access trend toward sharing resources, as well as significantly increasing the visibility of Michigan Tech's scholarship. We join over 430 international universities and colleges in making works available globally. Through the Digital Commons network, over 1,400,000 scholarly articles, proceedings, textbooks and other works are now available at no cost to the user. While such scholarly works can be difficult to locate online, Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech is designed to operate seamlessly with popular search engines to increase discoverability.

Our growing repository contains Michigan Tech dissertations, master's theses and reports, and dissertations (1998-present) originally submitted for online access through the library's catalog. Since the 2014 launch of Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech, these reports, theses and dissertations have been downloaded over 210,000 times.