Trondheim, Norway—Study Abroad

Michigan Tech has an exchange student agreement with the Norwegian University of Science and Technolgoy (NTNU). NTNU is Norway’s premier academic institution for technology and the natural sciences, with equally strong programmes in the social sciences, the arts and humanities, medicine, architecture and fine art.

Trondheim is an ancient city with a modern soul. Trondheim was Norway's first capital city, founded more than 1,000 years ago, in 997 - but now instead of Viking raiders and Hanseatic traders, you'll find jazz musicians and an international student body savouring Trondheim city life. The city’s cafes spill out onto cobblestone streets lined with colourful wooden buildings, while the twin towers and copper-clad spire of Europe’s northernmost gothic cathedral frame the southern skyline.

Course Information

See Norwegian University of Science and Technolgoy for your class options.