Santander, Spain—Study Abroad

This program is offered through International Studies Abroad (ISA) at Menedez Pelavo International University. 

Santander (182,700), located in northern Spain, is located on the shores of the Bay of Biscay and has been described as Spain's "most elegant city." The climate throughout much of the year is rainy, but Santander is a beautiful city with its green trees and rolling hills.

With this green backdrop, Santander's beaches are known to be the best and most appreciated natural spaces, offering both small and large sandy beaches, some sheltered from the wind with calm waters and others open to the bay with more surf. Next to these beaches, beautiful natural areas look out over the coast, like Piquío with its emblematic gardens. Also, the Parque de La Magdalena faces the island of Mouro and surrounds the Palacio de la Magdalena, the most famous view in Santander.