San Jose, Costa Rica—Study Abroad

This program is offered through International Studies Abroad (ISA) at Universidad Latina. 

San José, the capital city of Costa Rica, is set in the lush Central Valley of the Costa Rican highlands. As the cultural, economic and political center of Costa Rica, San José is where the majority of Costa Ricans live, work, study and play. Students studying in San José will be able to experience a vibrant and busy Latin American metropolis while also having the rest of Costa Rica's pristine natural wonders at their fingertips. Downtown San José features a pedestrian-friendly walkway down which students enjoy strolling, stopping at a café and sipping on a coffee and shopping at the Mercado Central. The city is filled with cultural offerings including numerous unique museums and students enjoy catching musical and theater performances at the elegant Teatro Nacional. When students want an escape from the city the Pacific coast is two hours away, the Caribbean coast is 4 hours away and adventures abound in the rainforests and on the rivers that surround the city.

Students will study in San José at Veritas University. The Collegium Veritas, created in 1976, was one of the four founding schools of the first private university in Costa Rica. After demonstrating an exceptionally high level of academics for eighteen years, Veritas University became an accredited institution. The University is committed to offering the best in academics while also responding to the practical demands of its students and society. The University is renowned in Costa Rica for its design, art, architecture and photography programs. In addition, the University welcomes international students to study Spanish at its International Programs Department (DPI). There is an enrollment of approximately 1,500 Costa Rican students and about 150 international students during a given semester. All students enjoy access to the university library, computer labs, and study areas.