Stuttgart, Germany—Study Abroad

Stuttgart, Germany

Michigan Tech has an exchange student agreement with the University of Stuttgart. The University of Stuttgart was founded in 1829, has integrated the social sciences and the humanities with engineering to become an internationally renown future-oriented place of research. Today nearly 19,000 students are studying to complete their degrees in one of the 44 degree courses offered by the 10 faculties. More than 4,500 of these are young men and women are international students.

Program Information

University of Stuttgart International Programs 

Enhanced Summer Semester Program 

The module options are as follows:

  • Only module 1 (6 weeks: January - mid February)
  • Only modules 2 and 3 (intensive German course and exchange semester: March - July)
  • All three modules 1, 2 and 3 (January - July)

Students can participate in the  Winter University  (Module 1 January to mid February) at the University of Stuttgart is an excellent opportunity for students who have had little or no exposure to German to experience a total immersion in the German language and culture right in the heart of Europe.  This program is a total of 135 contact hours, 6 US credits. In addition to the German Language course, you will take a subject course in one of the following areas:

The Spring University (Module 2 March to mid April) at the University of Stuttgart is the German Language Intensive Course . After a placement test, you will continue learning German by participating in the special German language program. This program is a total of 180 contact hours, 9 US credits.

The Summer University (Mid April through July) at the University of Stuttgart is the Academic Study Program. You will continue your academic degree program by taking courses in your special area. These courses are taught in German. However, there are a number of special courses of a more general nature that are taught in English and can be used to augment that academic load to ensure that you have sufficient hours of credit. Some of the subject courses offered are the following: