Seoul, Korea—Study Abroad


This program is offered through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) at Yonsei University. Yonsei University currently has approximately 48,000 students enrolled in 18 graduate schools and 18 colleges. The spacious, quiet and wooded campus is located in the middle of Seoul, near centers of government, business and Korean culture. Excellent bus, rail and taxi service provide easy transportation to and from campus.

Seoul is located in the northwest corner of South Korea and the Han River winds through the city, splitting it in two. It is an intriguing city transforming itself from the Yi Dynasty, capital of the Hermit Kingdom, to a major mover and shaker on the international scene, especially in the fields of commerce and sports. Despite the modern high-rises and freeways, the cityscape retains pockets of centuries-old temples, palaces, pagodas and gardens.

Course Information

USAC, working in collaboration with UIC staff at Yonsei, will help you arrange a program of study to suit your needs. You may wish to enroll in subjects similar to the program of study you are currently undertaking at your home university, or you may wish to take the opportunity to study subjects with a distinctive Korean flavor.

  • East Asian Studies
  • International Business
  • International Relations
  • Language Courses
  • See USAC for more information.