Prague, Czech Republic—Study Abroad

Charles University

This program is offered through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC). Classes and offices are located at the Charles University Foreign Language Center. Charles University is one of the oldest universities in Europe. The Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, decided that Prague would become the capital of Europe in the 14th century and founded Charles University in 1348. Informally, and outside of the academic setting, Charles University students are available to help you explore local social and cultural activities and introduce you to the local student community. USAC students also have access to the computer facilities.

Prague has existed for more than a millennium and many have written of its history. Old and new features of the city form a unity of styles not seen anywhere else. You may see its beauty from the hills on both banks, from old bridges and steamer ships on the Vltava River and even from rowboats. With its narrow curved streets, marvelous courtyards and green parks that make up 30% of downtown, Prague is a city for those who love to walk. Any evening in Prague may turn into a wonderful experience, from a leisurely stroll to taking in one of the many concerts and marionette shows available.

Course Information

You may take courses in politics, literature, history, business, psychology, sociology and the arts.