Gyeongsan, Korea—Study Abroad

Gyeongsan, Korea Study Abroad

Michigan Tech has an exchange student agreement with the Yeungnam University (YU). YU has two campuses; Gyeongsan Campus is the main one located on 900 scenic acres, and Daegu Campus with the University Medical Center is located in Daemyung-dong in the city of Daegu.

YU sits in the very center of the Confucian-Buddhist cultural areas connecting Andong, Gyeongju, Haein Temple, and many other important cultural sites. Andong, which is only one and a half hours by car from the YU campus, is famous for presenting a panographic view of the ancient culture of Korea, especially that of the Lee Dynasty and Confucianism. Hahoe Village will give visitors insights on Korean as well as Asian culture. After spending a little time in the village, people will find themselves in love with food,customs and traditions of Korea.

Courses are too numerous to list here. See Yeungnam University for your class options.