Student Spotlight

Bridget WilliamsI currently am tutoring a 14 year-old Spanish boy from Madrid, Spain, and love it! Sergio is enthusiastic about learning, and retains the information given to him remarkably well. He currently is enrolled in English classes in his school, but his parents want him to practice conversational English with someone who speaks it as a first language. I look forward to my one hour per week with him, because I feel that I am learning more and more about Spain, Spanish culture and customs, as well as helping out a great young man. Living in Madrid has been a great culture shock for me and is a definite change from the farm I grew up on in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I would recommend studying abroad for all students, no matter what their major is. Explore the world! –Josh Landwehr, Michigan Technological University


Huskies 2010 Study Abroad Photo Contest
Congratulations to all the winners and every one that submitted such amazing photos!