Townsville and Cairns, Australia—Study Abroad

This program is offered through ISA at James Cook University. 

International Studies Abroad, ISA, offers semester and year abroad programs at James Cook University. James Cook University (JCU) combines excellence in teaching and research in a unique tropical setting. JCU is one of Queensland’s premier universities and Australia’s leading tropical University. Named after the British explorer Captain James Cook, the University offers quality education in a unique environment.

James Cook University’s main campuses are located in the northern Queensland cities of Townsville and Cairns, home to a combined 15,500 students including 1,600 international students from over 100 countries worldwide. Diverse environments, vibrant communities, and challenging academic programs are just a few of the reasons why so many students choose to study abroad at James Cook University. No other university can offer such a wide range of classes in the shadow of two of the world's finest natural heritage areas - The Wet Tropics Rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef.