Sydney, Australia—Study Abroad

This program is offered through ISA at the University of Sydney.

Why Study at the University of Sydney?

The University of Sydney is one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious universities. Established in 1850, it is Australia’s first university, and a member of the ‘Group of Eight’, Australia’s premier research intensive universities. It is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world and amongst the top three in Australia. Sydney's current enrollment of approximately 49,000 students (including almost 11,000 international students representing 130 nationalities), enjoy an academic experience of the highest quality.

The University of Sydney is located in Sydney, Australia’s most dynamic, exciting and culturally diverse city. Heritage-listed, sandstone buildings stand side by side with ultra-modern sophisticated ones on the main campus, which is surrounded by green park lands. The university is also conveniently situated within close proximity to the city’s Central Business District and also to Sydney’s world-renowned, stunning ocean beaches.

Their academic and teaching resources include Australia’s largest university library, and state-of-the-art technical, computing and research facilities. We offer the widest range of research programs in Australia and are one of the top recipients of Australian government research funding. University of Sydney alumni include many high profile graduates placed in prominent and influential positions in both the public and private sectors across the world.

Our faculty is a mix of local and internationally recruited academics with extensive teaching, business and industry expertise. They bring years of knowledge gained from research in their respective fields into the classroom, providing students with a stimulating academic environment. We have an exceptional staff/student ratio with smaller, more personal classes, allowing our lecturers to cater to the students’ individual needs. The extra-curricular sporting and recreational amenities, clubs and societies available to our students are second to none. Our student support services have been rated as the best at any Australian university.

Since its inception, The University of Sydney has built an enviable reputation for quality, credibility and integrity, and is held in high esteem by its students, staff, alumni, business, industry and government. They are committed to maximizing the potential of everyone in the global community we serve, seeking to develop curious minds that embrace challenge and change. The University of Sydney helps seek knowledge, reveal new perspectives and devise solutions. Over the past 160 years, the university has maintained a long and proud tradition of excellence in education, and has been relentless in their efforts to provide a fertile environment where the brightest minds flourish.