Nagasaki, Japan—Study Abroad

Nagasaki, Japan Study Abroad

This program is offered through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC). Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies was founded in 1945. The school’s motto is, “To foster mutual understanding between nations and their peoples by the study of languages and cultures.” It is to this end that the JASIN program caters to non-native students, with the focus on Japanese society and culture.

Nagasaki is situated on the extreme western point of the four main islands of Japan, on the northwestern side of the island Kyushu. At roughly the same latitude as San Diego, California, Nagasaki enjoys a semitropical climate. Palm trees thrive and are part of the astounding beauty of the area, including numerous beaches and Unzen National Park with its geyser basins and hot springs resorts. It rarely snows or freezes during the mild winters, and few homes require central heating.

Course Information

Students can take Japanese history, culture and society courses. All students are required to take a Japanese language class each semester. There are five sections to test into: Elementary I, Elementary II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Advanced. No previous language coursework is required for the beginning level and all levels are offered in both the Fall and Spring terms. See USAC for information.

The Nagasaki program is administered in the U.S. by USAC and in Nagasaki, Japan by the Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies JASIN program staff. They will provide an on-site orientation as well as academic and practical assistance and oversee your general well-being while you are on the program.