Melbourne, Australia—Study Abroad

This program is offered through Globalinks at Monash University. 

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, formerly known as AustraLearn, offers semester and year abroad programs at Monash University. Monash University is committed to quality teaching, learning, and research in an innovative and international environment. Since its first student intake in 1961, Monash has grown into a diverse and energetic institution, with six campuses in and around the city of Melbourne, Australia, one in Malaysia and one in South Africa, and centers in London, UK, and Prato, Italy. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad students study at either the Caulfield or Clayton campuses in Melbourne. 

Studying abroad at Monash University gives you an internationally recognized experience that opens doors across the globe. As one of Australia's leading Group of Eight universities, Monash is recognized for its excellence in research, scholarship, and teaching. Monash is known as a vibrant and energetic place of learning, enriched by a dynamic and diverse group of students from over 100 countries.

As a study abroad student, you will have access to the highest quality academic programs and a wide choice of subjects from 10 faculties. You can also add value to your degree by studying some uniquely Australian subjects.

Your time at Monash will also allow you to develop personally. The Study Abroad program balances academic rigor with life experience. Monash Abroad offers you a comprehensive support network to assist with your integration into campus life, enabling you to focus on your academic and social opportunities. Monash will encourage you to integrate into the life of the University, to make Australian friends, and to see and understand more of local culture and its context within the Asia-Pacific region. Your time studying abroad at Monash University will be exciting and rewarding and provide both quality education and memorable life experiences.