Manchester, England—Study Abroad

This program is offered through Globalinks at the University of Manchester. 

The University of Manchester is one of Europe’s top universities, and is internationally recognized for both its teaching quality and research excellence. It is the largest single-campus university in the UK, with approximately 39,000 students. It is also the most popular university in the UK in terms of number of applications from UK students.

Many of the major advances of the 20th century began at the University, including the development of the world’s first programmable computer, and the splitting of the atom. The University campus spans a large area right next to the city centre and is dominated by grand buildings, but also has quiet corners, landscaped gardens, cafes and common rooms. Everything is within easy walking distance.

In the latest UK Research Assessment Exercise (the UK government’s formal method of assessing the quality of research in universities), The University of Manchester emerged amongst the country’s top four or five major research universities, alongside institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge and University College London.