Buenos Aires, Argentina—Study Abroad

This program is offered through International Studies Abroad (ISA) at the University of Belgrano, the University of el Salvador, or the University of Buneos Aires.

Buenos Aires (pop. 13 million including suburbs) is well-known for its cultural diversity and lively atmosphere, making it one of South America's most exciting and vibrant cities. The city's history revolves around Western European immigrants whose influences can be seen all throughout the city in its architecture, art and style. Although Buenos Aires is historically unique, it has also adopted some more modern architectural styles, which provide a notable contrast to the city's deep-rooted traditions and history. 

Buenos Aires holds countless opportunities for students to experience Argentine culture. Students can attend soccer games, world-class theatrical and dance performances, and participate in a vibrant nightlife. Many students will find themselves intrigued by the unique Argentine accent and the national dance, the Tango. Students are sure to witness tango performances throughout the city's streets, cafes, and theaters. 

Students in Buenos Aires will benefit from the support of the ISA on-site office. Resident staff members will assist students with travel information, volunteer and internship opportunities, and tutoring. Alumni from ISA's Buenos Aires program have found that their time abroad exceeded their expectations, and they frequently highlight the ISA Buenos Aires staff, the accommodating housing options, and the endless cultural activities as unforgettable aspects of their experiences.