Berlin, Germany—Study Abroad

This program is offered through Globalinks at Freie Universitat Berlin. 

FU-BEST, the Berlin European Studies Program of the Freie Universität, offers students the opportunity to develop German language skills through intensive classes, enroll in non-language academic courses in both English and German, and fully immerse themselves in dynamic and multicultural Berlin.

Located in the heart of Europe, the metropolis of Berlin, with some 3.4 million inhabitants, offers students unrivaled educational, intellectual, cultural, and recreational opportunities. Either through the program or on their own, students will be able to become acquainted with many parts of Germany and Europe.

The program will enable students to enroll for one semester or academic year in stimulating courses taught by expert faculty. Students will find themselves making solid progress in their German language skills, from elementary through advanced. All students are enrolled in a minimum of 3-4 credits of German language learning.

A variety of non-language courses are taught in English or German by local faculty and include such topics as cultural studies, art history, literature, the European Union, German history, German and European politics, architecture, film studies, music history, management, marketing and philosophy. Local academic field trips are an integral part of many of the courses.

The majority of students will be study abroad or exchange students from North America. Additional opportunities for contact with German students and German society in general are made available during the semester.