Berlin, Germany—Study Abroad

This program is offered through ISA at Freie Universitat Berlin. 

Berlin is a dynamic, multicultural city that boasts a rich and dramatic past, spanning many centuries and the ups and downs of German history. Students enjoy a spectacular diversity of cultural offerings, featuring countless museums and world-renownded orchestras, opera houses, and theaters. Berlin featured a first-class public transportation network, plus convenient access to various destinations throughout Europe.

Founded in West Berlin during the early Cold War period, Freie Universität Berlin was established when anti-communist students protested against having to attend Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, a university located in East Berlin and taught by the Soviet Military Administration in Germany. After many student protests and uprises, Freie Universität Berlin was established as a university for the "Free World" in West Berlin. Now the university is ranked as one of Germany's top universities. The university is recognized by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science, Berlin. Freie Univeristat Berlin has also successfully completed the Quality Improvement Program (QUIP) of the Forum on Education Abroad. ISA participants studying at Freie Universität Berlin have the opportunity to take a wide range of courses with other international students.

Popular areas of study at Freie Universität Berlin include:

  • German Studies
  • European Studies
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Sociology