Grant Application—Parade of Nations

Complete and submit this form (below)

Purpose of Grant: To assist recognized Michigan Tech clubs and organizations with their entry into the Parade of Nations. Grants can be used to offset the cost of food booths, float entries, or other activities which contributes to the overall success of the event.

Amount of Grant: Clubs and organizations can seek up to $100 in funding. Awards are available starting July 1 and will be made until all funds are exhausted. Requests must be received by September 4 in order to receive the grant before the event. Applications received after September 4 will be processed, however, clubs or organizations will most like receive the funds after September 14.

For more information about the grant, please contact International Programs and Services at or stop by the International Programs and Services Office room 200 in the Administration Building.

e.x: 106 Memorial Union Building

Parade of Nations Event:


(up to $100)


Briefly describe what you plan to do with the activity grant. Please be advised that all clubs and organizations are required to submit receipts and may be required to return any unused funds.