I-Corps Site Program

The next I-Corps Site workshop will begin January 17, 2018. You can apply here.

The primary goal of the I-Corps program developed by the National Science Foundation is to foster entrepreneurship that will lead to the commercialization of technology. The site program offered through Michigan Tech will be structured around the same Lean LaunchPad teaching methods and principles used by NSF's National I-Corps Program.

Michigan Tech’s I-Corps Site is geared toward developing potential I-Corps Teams for the National I-Corps program and providing an entrepreneurial program for graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, staff, alumni and local community teams to complete together to help them achieve their business potential.

The first and most important goal of I-Corps Sites is to encourage technical entrepreneurship and teach faculty and students how to think about commercialization. Teams should have clearly defined goals and expectations for how the program can help develop and commercialize their idea.

Our I-Corps Site program provides infrastructure, advice, resources, networking opportunities, training, and modest funding (awards of $1,000 – $2,500 per team) to enable teams to transition their work into the marketplace or into becoming National I-Corps Team applicants. With the support and mentorship of the Site, the teams will learn first-hand about entrepreneurship and explore the transition of their ideas, devices, processes or other intellectual activities into the marketplace.

Upon completion of the I-Corps Site Program, participants are eligible to apply for the National I-Corps program (an intensive 6-week NSF training with the opportunity to be awarded a $50,000 grant) as well as many other funding opportunities. Non-university-based teams will need to include at least one team member based at a university for grant administration purposes.


"Our participation in the I-Corps Site Program helped us to understand our potential customers and get answers to questions that will steer our research for years to come. It has propelled us to the National I-Corps Program where we're excited to learn more from our customers about our product idea." Dr. Andrew Barnard
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics